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Pronunciation Catalan: [pəsˈkwal]
Venetian: [pasˈkwal]
Gender masculine
Word/name Latin
Meaning "associated with Passover (or Easter)"
Region of origin Neolatin languages
Other names
Related names Pasquale, Pascual, Pascuale, Pascal, Paschal, Pascoal, Pascale, Pascalle, Paschalis, Pasco, Pascoe

Pasqual is the Catalan equivalent of the Spanish given name Pascual, and a Venetian variant of Italian given name Pasquale. Pasqual is also a surname found in Spain (especially in Catalan area including Andorrans, Valencians, Balearics) and in Italy (especially in Veneto, including Lombardy and Piedmont).

Pasqual, like Pasquale (Italian), Pascal (French), Pascoal (Portuguese) and Pascual (Spanish), derives from the Late Latin paschalis or pashalis, which means "relating to Easter" from Latin pascha ("Easter"), Greek Πάσχα, Aramaic pasḥā, in turn from the Hebrew pesach, which means "to be born on, or to be associated with, Passover day". Since the Hebrew holiday Passover coincides closely with the later Christian holiday of Easter, the Latin word came to be used for both occasions.

The names Pasquale, Paschal, Pascal, Pascale, Pascha, Pascoe and Pasco are all variations of Pasqual. The feminine form, rather rare, is Pasquala, Pasqualina, Pascale, Pascalle or Pascalina. As a surname in Italy Pasqual has many variations found all over the country: Pasquali, De Pasqual, Pascale, Pascali, Pascalis, De Pascal, De Pasquali, De Pasquale, Di Pasquale, Di Pascali, De Pasqualis, Pasqualin, Pasqualon. As a given name and surname in Spanish-speaking countries Pasqual is often spelled Pascual.

Pasqual may refer to:

Given name[edit]

  • Pasqual Coco (born 1977), a former Dominican pitcher in Major League Baseball
  • Pasqual Ferry (sometimes credited as Paschalis, Pascual or Pascal), a Spanish comic book artist and penciller
  • Pasqual Maragall (born 1941), the 127th President of Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Pasqual Sanchis Moscardó (born 1963), a Valencian pilota professional player
  • Pasqual Scanu (1908 - 1978), an Italian writer in Catalan and Italian



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