Pass (software)

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Developer(s) Jason A. Donenfeld
Written in Bash
Operating system FreeBSD, Linux, OS X
Available in English
Type Password manager
License GPLv2+

pass is a password manager inspired by the Unix philosophy. It has a command-line interface, and uses GnuPG for encryption and decryption of stored passwords.[1][2]

The passwords are encrypted and stored in separate files, and can be organized via the operating systems filesystem. A password file can contain additional text, such as the Username, the Email address or comments.

There are several graphical user interfaces (GUIs) available, such as QtPass for Linux/Windows/MacOS or Password Store for Android operating systems. A synching system is not implemented, but synching can be achieved, by synching the password files with the Git version control system.


In June 2018, pass was found to be vulnerable to a variant of the SigSpoof attack.[3][4] The issue was patched the same day that the vulnerability was disclosed.[3]

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