Pass the Clock

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Pass the Clock
Mostly Autumn Pass The Clock.jpg
Compilation album by Mostly Autumn
Released 2009
Recorded 1998-2008
Genre Progressive rock
Label Mostly Autumn Records
Producer Bryan Josh
Mostly Autumn chronology
Glass Shadows
Pass the Clock
Live 2009

Pass the Clock is a 3 disc compilation album by British progressive rock band Mostly Autumn. It was released in 2009 to celebrate 10 years of the band by remastering material from all of their 8 studio albums and 1 EP. Each disc contains songs that fit well together and produce different moods. Disc 1 is subtitled 'Something for the Spirit', disc 2 is 'Something for the Campfire' and disc 3 is 'Something for the Candlelight'. The artwork was once again done by Richard Nagy who did the cover for their last album Glass Shadows.

The album takes its name from a three-part song called 'Pass the Clock' that can be found on their 2003 release Passengers

Track listing[edit]

Disc one: Something for the Spirit[edit]

  1. "Fading Colours" (Josh)
  2. "Ghost in Dreamland" (Josh/Jennings)
  3. "Pure White Light" (Josh)
  4. "Distant Train" (Jennings)
  5. "Answer the Question" (Josh/Jennings)
  6. "Evergreen" (Findlay/Josh)
  7. "The Second Hand" (Josh)
  8. "Storms Over Still Water" (Josh)
  9. "Paper Angels" (Findlay/Josh)
  10. "Tearing at the Faerytale" (Josh)
  11. "Pass the Clock" (Josh)

Disc two: Something for the Campfire[edit]

  1. "Yellow Time" (Findlay)
  2. "Prints in the Stone" (Josh/Davison)
  3. "The Eyes of the Forest" (Findlay)
  4. "Boundless Ocean" (Josh)
  5. "Shindig" (Josh/Jennings/Faulds)
  6. "Blakey Ridge/When Waters Meet" (Josh/Faulds)
  7. "Winter Is King" (Findlay)
  8. "Which Wood?" (Goldthorpe)
  9. "At Last to Rivendell" (Jennings)
  10. "Simple Ways" (Josh)
  11. "On the Wings of Gwaigir" (Josh)
  12. "Steal Away" (Josh)
  13. "Bitterness Burnt" (Findlay)
  14. "Shrinking Violet" (Findlay/Josh)
  15. "Goodbye Alone" (Josh)

Disc three: Something for the Candlelight[edit]

  1. "The Night Sky" (Josh)
  2. "Silver Glass" (Johnson)
  3. "Half the Mountain" (Josh)
  4. "Carpe Diem" (Findlay/Jennings)
  5. "Hollow" (Jennings)
  6. "Passengers" (Josh)
  7. "The Gap Is Too Wide" (Jennings)
  8. "Glass Shadows" (Josh)
  9. "Heroes Never Die" (Josh/Rayson)

Original Albums[edit]

Disc 2: Track 2 and Disc 3: Track 1 are the re-recorded versions found on the Catch the Spirit anthology from 2002. The original versions of 'Prints in the Stone' and 'The Night Sky' where on The Last Bright Light and For All We Shared... respectively.

For personnel details, see the original albums.