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East Timor Oecussi-Ambeno locator map 2003-2015.svg

Passabe is a small village (sulo) in Passabe Subdistrict,near the Indonesian border. It was the site of a massacre of East Timor by pro-Indonesia militias in the follow-up to the 1999 referendum for East Timor's independence.

Passabe is also the name of a documentary film, directed by James Leong and Lynn Lee, that takes place in the village. The film documents the lives of several Passabe residents five years after the violence, including the life of one admitted former militia member, and chronicles the ways in which the community has come to terms with what happened.

In January 2006, the film was banned at the Jakarta International Film Festival.[1]


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Coordinates: 9°21′51″S 124°20′36″E / 9.36417°S 124.34333°E / -9.36417; 124.34333