Passage Beds

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Passage Beds
Stratigraphic range: Oxfordian
Passage Beds 061415.jpg
Passage Beds at Filey Brigg, North Yorkshire
Type Member
Unit of Corallian Oolite Formation
Primary Sandstone
Coordinates 54°12′N 0°18′W / 54.2°N 0.3°W / 54.2; -0.3Coordinates: 54°12′N 0°18′W / 54.2°N 0.3°W / 54.2; -0.3
Region England
Country United Kingdom

The Passage Beds is a member of the Corallian Oolite Formation, a geologic formation in England. The subtidal to marine sandstone preserves fossils of bivalves, gastropods, crinoids, echinoids and ammonites dating back to the Late Jurassic period (Oxfordian stage).[1]

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