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Path of Development and Reconstruction (Egypt) is a national project in the Western Desert of Egypt that is proposed by Farouk El-Baz initially in the 80th[further explanation needed][when?] and reintroduced to the Egyptian government after 25 January[when?] revolution.


Represents the way the world from north to south, the key element of the corridor reconstruction route starts on the Mediterranean coast at the site between Alexandria and El Alamein, and qualifies for the establishment of the port of a new global comparable to international ports big in the future, taking into account the need to provide the use of modern information technology in dealing easily and quickly with exports and imports of goods and temporary.[clarification needed]

Consists of the main road of the eight lanes at least, two of the trucks and two cars back and forth, as necessary to pave the way to international standards that allow to walk the safe speed without stopping, except in cases of emergency stations and rest, fuel centers and collection of fees for traffic

Water pipe[edit]

Necessary to provide safe drinking water along the corridor of the proposed plateau of Western Sahara.

Power line[edit]

Necessary for the proposal to establish a line of electricity for lighting and cooling along the main road, especially because the route passes in a desert area where the requirements do not exist Development infrastructure, through the early stages of the project.


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