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Passanda (Ancient Greek: Πάσσανδα) or Pasanda (Πάσανδα) was a town of ancient Caria. It was a member of the Delian League since it appears in tribute records of Athens between the years 450/49 and 421/0 BCE, paying a phoros of 3000 drachmae.[1] At least during part of the Hellenistic period it belonged to the territory of Kaunos. Passanda is also mentioned by Stephanus of Byzantium and by the Stadiasmus.[1] The latter places it at a distance of thirty stadia from Kaunos.[2]

Its site is located near Gökbel, in Ortaca district, Asiatic Turkey.[3][4]


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Coordinates: 36°46′52″N 28°41′34″E / 36.7810675°N 28.6928795°E / 36.7810675; 28.6928795