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pass-ca commuter pass.

pass-ca (パスカ, pasuka) is a rechargeable contactless smart card ticketing system for public transport in Toyama, Japan, introduced by Toyama Light Rail, from April 29, 2006. The card is accepted by Toyamakō Line, the only line the company operates. Just like JR East's Suica or JR West's ICOCA, the card uses RFID technology developed by Sony corporation known as FeliCa. However, pass-ca has no known plan to have integrated services with those other cards.

Types of cards[edit]

  • pass-ca prepaid cards
    • Normal card
    • Child's card
    • Special discount card: for handicapped customers.
  • pass-ca commuter pass
  • Keirin only pass-ca: for Keirin spectators. On a racing day, one lap to/from Keirinjō-mae (Keirin velodrome) Station becomes free of charge.

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