Passeig de Lluís Companys, Barcelona

Coordinates: 41°23′24″N 2°10′55″E / 41.3900°N 2.1820°E / 41.3900; 2.1820
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Tribunal Superior de Justícia de Catalunya, on Passeig de Lluís Companys.
Ornate lamppost on Passeig de Lluís Companys.
Rius i Taulet monument as seen from behind

Passeig de Lluís Companys (Catalan pronunciation: [pəˈsɛdʒ ʎuˈis kumˈpaɲs]) is a promenade in the Ciutat Vella and Eixample districts of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, and can be seen as an extension of Passeig de Sant Joan. It was named after President Lluís Companys, who was executed in 1940. It starts in Arc de Triomf and ends in Parc de la Ciutadella, on Carrer de Pujades.

Former names[edit]

The original Cerdà plan originally listed it as Núm. 35, and was later renamed to Salón de Víctor Pradera, Fermín Galán and Salón de San Juan, or Saló de Sant Joan in Catalan. In 1979 the current name was approved by the city council.

Buildings and monuments[edit]

Personatges del Saló de Sant Joan[edit]

In 1883, the Barcelona city council approved the inauguration of eight sculptures commemorating eight important men in the history of Catalonia. Originally, these were: Wilfred the Hairy, Roger of Lauria, Bernat Desclot, Rafael Casanova, Ramon Berenguer I, Pere Albert, Antoni Viladomat and Jaume Fabre. They were inaugurated in 1888 for the Barcelona Universal Exposition. Casanova's monument was moved to Ronda Sant Pere in 1917 and replaced by a new one dedicated to Pau Claris, made by Rafael Atché. However, all but the Roger de Llúria and Viladomat statues were removed in 1937, and the Pau Claris monument, concealed in a warehouse for decades, was reinaugurated in 1977.

Other sculptures[edit]




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