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A passenger service system (PSS) is a series of critical systems used by airlines. The PSS usually comprises an airline reservations system, an airline inventory system and a departure control system (DCS).


Generally the PSS is made up of modules that are used to manage different parts of the airline’s business.

The airline reservations system is the system that allows an airline to sell their inventory (seats). It contains information on schedules and fares and contains a database of reservations (or passenger name records) and of tickets issued (if applicable).

The airline inventory system may or may not be integrated with the reservation system. The system contains all the airline’s flights and the available seats. The main function of the inventory system is to define how many seats are available on a particular flight by opening or closing an individual booking class in accordance with rules defined by the airline.

The departure control system is the system used by airlines and airports to check-in a passenger. The DCS is connected to the reservation system enabling it to check who has a valid reservation on a flight. The DCS is used to enter information required by customs or border security agencies and to issue the boarding document. In addition the DCS may also be used to dispatch cargo and to optimize aircraft weight and balance. Avantik of Bravo and AccelAero of ISA features weight and balance module as part of their full PSS.

Major systems[edit]

Name Description Vendor Contact Info
Avantik Full PSS Bravo
AirCore® PSS Unisys Aircore
Radixx International Comprehensive PSS Radixx International
ACCELaero Comprehensive PSS Information Systems Associates FZE
Altéa Comprehensive PSS Amadeus IT Group
Crane PAX Full-fledged PSS Hitit Computer Services
Zenith PSS Travel Technology Interactive
Navitaire Comprehensive PSS Navitaire
HP Agilaire / HP Shares (former EDS Shares) PSS HP HP Travel and Transportation Solutions
SabreSonic Customer Sales & Service Comprehensive CSS Sabre Airline Solutions
Horizon PSS SITA
ARCO PSS Alitalia
Travelport Meridian(TM) PSS Travelport
iFly Res PSS IBS Software Services
Astral PSS Aer Lingus
Mercator (MARS) PSS Mercator
AeroCRS Comprehensive PSS Enoya-one LTD