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Passepartout is French for Pass-Key and may refer to:

  • passepartout (fare network), a coherent and integrated public transport network system of the cantons of Lucerne, Obwalden, and Nidwalden in Central Switzerland.
  • Jean Passepartout is a character in Jules Verne's Around the World in Eighty Days novel. Phileas Fogg's new servant
  • Passepartout, the lead character in Rocket! Take Us to the Moon. New From the Earth to the Moon animated series.[1] Subtly Implied to be the son of Phileas Fogg's servant in the Around the World in Eighty Days novel
  • Passepartout, the name of the restaurant run by singer June Tabor
  • Passe-Partout, a French-language children's television program produced from 1977 to 1987 by Radio-Québec (now Télé-Québec)
  • Passe-Partout (framing)
  • Passe Partout, the name of a local morning news program on KLFY-TV in Lafayette, Louisiana


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