Passion of Spies

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Passion of Spies
Directed by Yefim Gamburg
Written by Lazar Lagin
Music by Georgiy Martynyuk
Cinematography Mikhail Druyan
Release date
1967 (1967)
Running time
20 min.
Country Soviet Union Soviet Union
Language Russian

Passion of Spies (Russian: Шпионские страсти, Shpionskiye strasti) is a 1967 Soyuzmultfilm's animated black-and-white film directed by Yefim Gamburg.[1] It parodies spy and detective fiction clichés[1] and got a status of a cult film.[2]


In Part 1, a foreign Intelligence agency chief Shtampf is suffering from a toothache. After learning about a wonderful, state-of-the-art dentist's chair invented in the Soviet Union, he develops a plan to steal it. His top agents pass information between each other, but Soviet agents catch them unaware, ending with a car chase where a musician-turned chauffeur is injured. Part 2 tells the story of they chauffeur's idle son Kolychev, who tricks his parents out of money to attend a fancy restaurant. He is seduced by an agent and tricked into buying a large bill, then convinced with an offer to waiver the cash in exchange for him planting the bomb to blow up the dentist's chair.


  • Tatyana Pomerantseva[1]
  • Elvira Maslova
  • Ivan Davydov
  • Joseph Kuroyan
  • Renata Mirenkova
  • Olga Orlova
  • Dmitriy Anpilov
  • Natalia Bogomolova
  • Antonina Aleshina
  • Yuriy Butyrin


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