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TypeSoft drink
ManufacturerSchweppes Australia
Country of originAustralia

Passiona is an Australian passionfruit-flavoured soft drink currently manufactured by Schweppes Australia and originally Cottee's.[1]

Pronounced - Passi-ona A similar passionfruit flavoured soft drink produced by Kirks is Pasito.


Originally developed as a cordial by Lismore dairy farmer Spencer Cottee during the 1920s to avoid wasting excess passionfruit on his farm, when carbonated Passiona became a foundation product of the Cottee's range.[2] Passiona was first manufactured in 1924, and described in writing in an address to the Mullumbimby Chamber of Commerce by Spencer Cottee 1925.[3] In 1926, a factory was set up in Sydney, and in 1927 the drink was marketed to the public.[4]

Newspaper reports from the 1930s mention Australians taking the drink with them overseas to Canada and Jerusalem. In 1934, Cottees Passiona Ltd reported a gross profit of £609.

Cottee granted licences to produce the drink to a number of now defunct Australian bottlers, including Geo. Hall & Sons in South Australia and Bowral Bottlers in the NSW Southern Highlands.[5] The trademark has also been used by Cottee's jelly crystal range.


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