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Passport Scotch, also called Passport Blended Scotch Whisky, is a brand of whisky exported from Scotland by Seagram Distillers, PLC, and currently owned by Pernod Ricard.[1] According to Classic Blended Scotch by Jim Murray, Passport is a blend of more flavored highland malts with lighter and sweet lowland whiskies, made at Seagram's Speyside distilleries.[2] The particular blend used in Passport Scotch was first produced in the 1960s by master blender Jimmy Lang, of Seagram’s Scottish subsidiary Chivas Brothers, and started being sold in 1965. The blend recipe for Passport was developed by Chivas Brothers’ blender Jimmy Lang during the 1960s.[3] It sold 1.7 million bottles in 2015, being a strong performer in Brazil (where it is second on the Scotch whisky market), Angola, Mexico, Spain, Portugal and Poland.[4]



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