Pasta alla Norma

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Pasta alla Norma
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Pasta alla Norma
Place of originItaly
Region or stateSicily
Main ingredientspasta, tomato, eggplant, ricotta salata

Pasta alla Norma (Italian: [ˈpasta alla ˈnɔrma]), earlier called pasta con le melanzane 'pasta with eggplant',[1][2] is an Italian dish of pasta and eggplant. It is typical of Sicilian cuisine,[3] from Catania in particular.[4]

It is made of spaghetti or other pasta with tomato sauce, covered with slices of fried eggplant and served with grated ricotta salata cheese[4] and often basil.[5]

It was named in honor of the native of Catania Vincenzo Bellini, the composer of the opera Norma.[4][2] It is said that the Italian writer Nino Martoglio exclaimed "This is a real 'Norma'!", meaning a masterpiece, when he tasted the dish,[5][6] though the name is not attested until decades after his death.[7]

Pasta alla Norma was named "dish of the year" by the BIT [it] Tourism Award in 2018.[5]

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