Pastos Grandes Caldera

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Pastos Grandes Caldera
Laguna Pastos Grandes Bolivia Satellite map 67.80112W 21.png
Laguna Pastos Grandes, probably a remainder of the Pastos Grandes Caldera Lake. Resurgent center on the South (highest point not shown), caldera scarps on the right side of the laguna.
Elevation 4,600 m (15,100 ft)(avg)
Listing List of volcanoes in Bolivia
Location Potosí Department,
Coordinates 21°40′S 67°51′W / 21.667°S 67.850°W / -21.667; -67.850Coordinates: 21°40′S 67°51′W / 21.667°S 67.850°W / -21.667; -67.850
Type Caldera
Volcanic arc/belt Altiplano-Puna Volcanic Complex

Pastos Grandes Caldera or Cerro Pastos Grandes (a resurgent centre) is an old caldera in the Potosí Department, Bolivia, which belongs to the Altiplano-Puna volcanic complex. Lagunas Pastos Grandes, Khara and Cachi may be remnants of a greater caldera lake. Size of the caldera: 50 km x 40 km. A large (VEI 7) eruption c. 2.9 million years ago produced 820 cubic kilometers (197 cu mi) of tephra.