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Type Soup
Main ingredients Meat or smoked meat, white or brown beans
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Pasulj (Serbian Cyrillic: Пасуљ, Croatian: Grah ) is a bean dish (made usually white, cranberry or pinto beans, and more rarely with kidney beans) is common dish in Serbian, Bosnian cuisine, Slovenian cuisine, Croatian cuisine and Albanian, and popular throughout many Balkan nations. It is normally prepared with meat, particularly smoked meat such as smoked bacon, sausage, and ham hock, and is a typical winter dish.[1] Another version are the baked beans known as Prebranac. In Macedonia, a variety of baked beans with smoked meat is known by the local name Gravče na tavče (beans on a skillet), and is normally thicker and more spicy than a thick soup commonly known as grah/pasulj in the rest of the Balkans.

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