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State of Pasundan
Negara Pasundan
State of Indonesia


Flag of Pasundan


Capital Bandoeng
President Raden Adipati Aria Muharam Wiranatakusumah
Historical era Cold War
 •  Pasundan Republic established 4 May 1947
 •  State of West Java established 26 February 1948
 •  Renamed State of Pasundan 24 April 1948
 •  Merged with the Republic of Indonesia 11 March 1950

The State of Pasundan (Indonesian and Sundanese: Negara Pasundan) was a federal state (negara bagian) formed in the western part of the Indonesian island of Java by the Netherlands in 1948 as part of an attempt to reestablish the colony of the Dutch East Indies during the Indonesian National Revolution. It was similar to the geographical area now encompassed by the current provinces of West Java, Banten and Jakarta.

A Pasundan Republic (Indonesian: Republik Pasundan) was declared on 4 May 1947 but was dissolved later that year. On 26 February 1948, the State of West Java (Negara Jawa Barat) was established and, on 24 April 1948, the state was renamed Pasundan. Pasundan became a federal state of the United States of Indonesia in 1949 but was incorporated into the Republic of Indonesia (itself also a constituent of the USI) on 11 March 1950.[1]

There have been recent proposals to rename the present West Java province Pasundan ("Province of the Sundanese") after the historical name for West Java.[2][3]

The United States of Indonesia with Pasundan marked as "West Java". The USI constituent state of the Republic of Indonesia is shown in red.

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