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Pat Brown
Born 1955 (age 60–61)
New Jersey, USA
Occupation Criminal profiler, author, commentator
Nationality American
Period c. 2000–present
Subject Crime, chiefly serial killing
Notable works The Profiler: My Life Hunting Serial Killers and Psychopaths

Pat Brown (born 1955) is an American writer, criminal profiler and commentator.

Early life and education[edit]

Brown was born in New Jersey and moved with her family to Virginia at age nine. She has lived in Maryland since 1982.[1]

In 1981, she graduated with a liberal arts degree from the University of the State of New York. In 2007, she received a Master's degree in criminal justice from Boston University.[citation needed]


In 1996, Brown founded The Sexual Homicide Exchange (SHE). In 2000, she opened The Pat Brown Criminal Profiling Agency.[2]

Brown wrote about her criminological approach in 2010 in The Profiler: My Life Hunting Serial Killers and Psychopaths with co-author Bob Andelman.[3] In 2008 she wrote about the psychology of predators in Killing for Sport: Inside the Minds of Serial Killers.[4] She is a co-founder of and a regular contributor to Women in Crime Ink,[5] described by The Wall Street Journal as "a blog worth reading."[6]

Brown has provided crime commentary, profiling, and forensic analysis on national and international TV and radio.[7] She has appeared on CNN, MSNBC,[8][9] FOX, NBC and CBS and is a frequent guest on the "Today", "The Early Show", "Nancy Grace", Jane Velez-Mitchell, HLN "Prime News",[10] and FOX TV's America's Most Wanted. In October 2006, she appeared on The Montel Williams Show to discuss women who unknowingly date wanted criminals.[11] In 2010, she discussed with News Blaze the Flint, Michigan, serial-killer suspect Elias Abuelazam.[12]

For four seasons, she profiled crimes on the weekly Court TV crime show I, Detective.[8][13] She was the host of Discovery Channel's 2004 documentary The Mysterious Death of Cleopatra.[14] She consulted and appeared as a profiler on "Jack the Ripper" (2010) for The Mystery Files.[15]

Brown was a writer for The Crime Library,[16] and a content contributor for the 2005 home DVD edition of Profiler: Season Two and the 2006 DVD release of Quentin Tarantino's crime classic Reservoir Dogs.[17]

In May 2010, Ann Curry with NBC's Today Show interviewed Brown about her book, The Profiler.[18]


  • Killing for Sport: Inside the minds of serial killers (Beverly Hills, CA, New Millenium Press, 2003); updated, Phoenix Books, 2008
  • The Profiler: My life hunting serial killers and psychopaths, Brown with Bob Andelman (Hyperion Books, 2010)[19]
  • How to Save Your Daughter's Life: Straight talk for parents from America's top criminal profiler (Deerfield Beach, FL: Health Communications, Inc [HCI], 2012)[20]
  • The Murder of Cleopatra: History's greatest cold case (Prometheus Books, 2013)

The Profiler has been translated and released in Korea[21] as well as in Germany.[22]


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