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Pat Gray
Born (1962-11-21) November 21, 1962 (age 53)
Helena, Montana, US
Occupation Political talk show host
Years active 1982-present
Religion The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
For the former FBI director, see L. Patrick Gray
Note: Not to be confused with former Birmingham, Alabama newscaster Pat Gray.

Patrick "Pat" Joseph Gray is an American talk radio host. He is a co-host of The Glenn Beck Program, a nationally syndicated radio talk show featuring host Glenn Beck. Gray was formerly the host of the morning show on radio station KSEV.


Pat Gray was born in Helena, Montana.

He got started in radio during his junior year in high school at his hometown Top-40 station. After graduating from high school he moved to new jobs in Great Falls, and Billings. At the age of 20, he worked at KISN-FM in Salt Lake City, Utah. He also met and married his wife Jacque.

In 1989, at the age of 27, a Program Director called him to see if he had any interest in flying out to Baltimore, Maryland, where he would go on the air at B104, teamed up with a partner for at least one show. The station management had heard tapes of both people, liked them, and wanted to find out how they would sound together. The morning show partner for that show was Glenn Beck. They met at the airport, rode into the station together, and began a relationship that would ultimately result in becoming best friends. Baltimore is also where the family, in 1990, decided to begin homeschooling their children.

From B104, he went to WJFK in Washington, DC then on to the Hartford-New Haven area (with Beck) to WKCI-FM (KC101). In early 1992, Beck and Gray both moved to WKCI-FM (KC101), a Top-40 radio station in New Haven, Connecticut.[33] In 1995, WKCI apologized after Beck and Gray mocked a Chinese-American caller on air who felt offended by a comedy segment by playing a gong sound effect and having executive producer Alf Gagineau mock a Chinese accent. That incident led to protests by activist groups.[53] In 1995 Pat left Connecticut and returned to Salt Lake City to pursue a radio hosting position. In 2001, Gray was contacted by the Vice President of the talk division of Clear Channel Communications and moved to Houston, Texas for a position at KPRC.

In December, 2006, he moved to KSEV. He left KSEV on July 13, 2009 to work with his friend Glenn Beck on The Glenn Beck Program.[1]

950 KPRC[edit]

While at KPRC in Houston, Texas, Gray hosted the morning drive time (5-9AM) slot, where he was joined weekly by Houston Chronicle columnist Ken Hoffman.

700 KSEV[edit]

On December 12, 2006 Gray began co-hosting KSEV's morning show with Edd Hendee. On July 1, 2009, Gray announced that he would be leaving KSEV to join the staff of Glenn Beck's Mercury Radio Arts.

The Glenn Beck Program[edit]

Gray joined The Glenn Beck Program on July 13, 2009,[2] and is prominent on TheBlaze. On December 21, 2013 Pat Gray premiered the much anticipated and critically acclaimed first episode of his show "Leakages with Pat Gray". Leakages premiered as part of the Christmas episode of the Wonderful World of Stu on The Blaze television network. This premier nearly coincided with the 1 year anniversary of Gray's hit song, "What's that? Who Pays Your Salary?"


Gray is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.[3]

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