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Pat Hoed (born September 3, 1963 in Hollywood, California) is a singer, professional wrestling commentator and radio personality. He has performed under the guises of Fantasma (currently as a live vocalist/studio bassist for Brujeria),[1] Larry Rivera (formerly a color commentator for Xtreme Pro Wrestling (XPW)) and Adam Bomb (DJ for Final Countdown, a Hardcore radio show from 1983–1990). He was also featured in the song "Edgecrusher" on the album Obsolete with Fear Factory.


  • Brujeria - Matando Güeros (1993) - Backing Vocal/Bass
  • Brujeria - Raza Odiada (1995) - Backing Vocal/Bass
  • Brujeria - Brujerizmo (2000) - Backing Vocal/Bass
  • Asesino - Corridos de Muerte (2002) - Narrator/Interpreter of Brujeria newspiece video (computer-expanded bonus feature)


  • Best of Deathmatch Wrestling, Vol. 1 - Mexican Hardcore
  • Desperados del Ring, Vol. 1
  • Desperados del Ring, Vol. 2
  • Desperados del Ring, Vol. 3
  • XPW After the Fall
  • XPW Baptized in Blood
  • XPW Baptized in Blood 2
  • XPW Best of the Black Army
  • XPW Blown to Hell
  • XPW Damage Inc.
  • XPW Go Funk Yourself
  • XPW The Revolution Will Be Televised
  • XPW Retribution