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The Patanwadia or Patanwaria are a subgroup of the Kshatriya Koli community found in the state of Gujarat in India. They are also known as Thakore, Dharala and Baria.[1][2]

History and origin[edit]

They get their name from the city of Patan, in Mehsana District. Patan was the historic capital of Gujarat. The Patanwadia are found mainly in Kheda, Vadodara, Mehsana, Bharuch and Surat districts of Gujarat. They speak Gujarati and have backward caste status.[3]

Present circumstances[edit]

The Patanwadia have a number of clans which are not strictly exogamous in nature. Their main clans are the Solanki, Jhala, Chavda, Gohil, Chauhan, Vaghela and Rathod, all of whom are also pre-existing Rajput clans. Recently (British Raj) due to the process of sanskritzation, they consider themselves to be of Kshatriya status. The Patanwadia are traditionally agriculturist and also act as village guards. They are mainly small and medium-sized farmers, with many also keep buffaloes. As a result of urbanization, many are involved in the cutting and polishing of diamonds, especially those who have settled in the city of Surat. They are Hindu by religion.[4]

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