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Patapon logo
Genre(s)Rhythm game, god game
Japan Studio
Publisher(s)Sony Computer Entertainment
Creator(s)Hiroyuki Kotani
First releasePatapon
20 December 2007
Latest releasePatapon 3
28 April 2011

Patapon (パタポン) is a video game published originally for the PlayStation Portable handheld game console combining gameplay features of a rhythm game and a god game. The title is created from two Japanese onomatopoeia, pata (marching) and pon (drumming). The game is presented in a cartoonish, silhouetted two-dimensional environment, and features the player acting as a deity who commands an army of caricatured miniature tribal creatures by beating traditional talking drums. The game was developed by Pyramid and produced by Japan Studios.

On July 9, 2008, Patapon 2 was announced.[1] The game was released on UMD on November 27, 2008 in Japan and on February 13, 2009 in Europe. The North American version was released May 5, 2009 as a digital format download from the PlayStation Store.[2] Players who reserved a copy of the game at a retail store were given a voucher to download it off the PlayStation Store. The game features new bosses and new units, a multiplayer mode and the appearance of a new tribe.

During E3 2010, Sony announced another sequel titled Patapon 3.[3]

In 2013, an unlicensed clone of the Patapon franchise was published by Beijing Q&D Technology Co. to the App Store. That same sequel was released in a HD version for the Google Play Store by Pitaya Games. Sony Computer Entertainment has not responded to these versions of the series.[4]


Year Title Developer Publisher Platform
2007 Patapon Pyramid
Japan Studio
Sony Computer Entertainment PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 4
2008 Patapon: Band Camp (disconnected) Adobe Flash
Patapon 2 Pyramid
Japan Studio
PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 4
2009 Patapon 2: Art of War Rolito
Adobe Flash
2011 Patapon 3 Pyramid
Japan Studio
PlayStation Portable


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