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Patch may refer to:



  • Patch Adams, a.k.a. Hunter Adams (born 1945), founder of the Gesundheit! Institute
  • Alexander Patch (1889–1945), US Army general in World War II
  • Harry Patch (1898–2009), British veteran of World War I
  • Horace Patch (1814–1862), American politician

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  • Patch (computing), a piece of software designed to fix or improve a computer program or its supporting data
  • patch (Unix), a UNIX utility that updates text files according to instructions contained in a separate file, called "patch file"
  • Patch, a 3-D Bézier curve used in computer graphics, or a primitive in some 3-D software packages


  • Autopatch or phone patch, used in amateur radio to access an outgoing connection
  • Patch antenna, a rectangular Microstrip Antenna is a radio antenna constructed from a single metal patch suspended over a ground plane
  • Patch cable, an electrical or optical cable used to connect devices for signal routing
  • Patch panel, a device featuring a number of jacks for the use of connecting and routing circuits
  • Patch (synthesizer), a sound setting for musical synthesizers
  • Swede Patch 2000, a guitar/synthesizer hybrid made by Hagström

Enterprises and organizations[edit]

  • PATCH (Pembrokeshire Action To Combat Hardship), a Pembrokeshire-based charity
  • Patch (website), an online news service

Geography and landscape[edit]

  • Coal patch, a town created for a coal mine and owned by the company
  • Patch and mosaic, in landscape ecology, a relatively homogeneous area that differs from its surroundings

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