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  signed, not ratified

The Patent Law Treaty (PLT) is a patent law multilateral treaty concluded on 1 June 2000 in Geneva, Switzerland, by 53 States and the European Patent Organisation (an intergovernmental organization). Its aim is to harmonize formal procedures such as the requirements to obtain a filing date for a patent application, the form and content of a patent application, and representation.

As of 19 October 2016, the PLT has 39 contracting states, while 59 states and the European Patent Organisation have signed the treaty.[1]


Contracting States to the Patent Law Treaty and dates of entry into force[1]
Date State
28 April 2005 Republic of Moldova, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Slovenia, Slovak Republic, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Ukraine, Republic of Estonia, Kingdom of Denmark, Republic of Croatia, Romania
15 December 2005 Bahrain
6 March 2006 Finland
22 March 2006 United Kingdom
19 July 2006 Uzbekistan
16 October 2007 Oman
27 December 2007 Sweden
12 March 2008 Hungary
1 July 2008 Switzerland
16 March 2009 Australia
12 August 2009 Russia
18 December 2009 Liechtenstein
5 January 2010 France
22 April 2010 The Republic of Macedonia
17 May 2010 Albania
12 June 2010 Latvia
20 August 2010 Serbia
27 December 2010 Netherlands
19 October 2011 Kazakhstan
3 February 2012 Lithuania
9 March 2012 Montenegro
9 May 2012 Bosnia and Herzegovina
27 May 2012 Ireland
3 August 2013 Saudi Arabia
17 September 2013 Armenia
18 December 2013 United States
11 June 2016 Japan
21 October 2016 Belarus
4 January 2017 Liberia


The Canadian government tabled 5 treaties in the House of Commons on 27 January 2014.[2] Among the treaties is the PLT. However, the government has not yet tabled legislation to incorporate the treaties in Canadian law, but the tabling of the treaties is a strong signal that the government is moving ahead with harmonization of its IP laws.


Prior to the entry into force of the treaty in France, a bill was submitted on 14 January 2009 at the French Senate proposing the ratification of the PLT by France.[3][4] In March 2009, a report from French Senator Rachel Mazuir recommended the ratification of the PLT, as soon as possible, by France.[5][6] On 24 July 2009, the government was authorized to ratify the PLT.[7] The PLT then entered into force for France on 5 January 2010.[1]

United States of America[edit]

The Treaty was ratified by the United States on 18 September 2013. Parts of the PLT were applied to U.S. patent law with the passage of the Patent Law Treaties Implementation Act of 2012.[8]

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