Taiwan Intellectual Property Office

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Coordinates: 25°01′18.2″N 121°32′29.3″E / 25.021722°N 121.541472°E / 25.021722; 121.541472

Taiwan Intellectual Property Office
ROC Intellectual Property Office Logo.svg
Agency overview
Formed 1927[citation needed]
Jurisdiction Taiwan (ROC)
Headquarters Da'an, Taipei
Parent agency Ministry of Economic Affairs
Website www.tipo.gov.tw

The Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO; Chinese: 智慧財產局; pinyin: Zhìhuì Cáichǎnjú) is the patent, trademark, and copyright office of Taiwan.[1] It operates under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA).[2] As of July 2011, TIPO had a staff of 734 persons, with more than half of them handling patent matters.[2]


TIPO was established in 1927.[3][dead link]


The office is accessible within walking distance south of Technology Building Station of Taipei Metro.

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