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GenreNetwork monitoring
  • Tim Titus
HeadquartersSanta Clara, California,
United States
  • TotalView Network Monitor
  • Call Simulator

PathSolutions is a Silicon Valley startup and software company of a network troubleshooting application, founded in 2007. The company focuses on network performance management and VoIP troubleshooting software. Its main product is named TotalView.

TotalView has been used in medium to large corporations in the consumer, communications, computer networking, medical, aerospaceindustriies.

PathSolutions's corporate headquarters is in Santa Clara, California. It also has a sales office in Folsom, California.


PathSolutions was founded in 1999 as NetLatency by Tim Titus, a Silicon Valley network engineer. The company was renamed in 2007.[1][2]

The original product name was SwitchMonitor,[1] and was renamed TotalView in 2010.

PathSolutions also owns the trademarks: QueueVision (a full visibility report into QoS queues on MPLS links on the VoIP/UC environment);[3][4] and Total Network Visibility.[5] These features are both bundled into TotalView.

In 2014, TotalView was awarded InfoWorld's Technology of the Year Award.[6] InfoWorld also picked PathSolutions as an Editor's Choice in 2014.[7]

In June 2018, the company announced TotalView version 9 at Cisco Live and demonstrated it in a podcast.[8]



TotalView is a software program that performs network troubleshooting, and that continuously collects the stats from switches, routers, and other devices in a network, and reports on their status in a Graphical User Interface. It is an AI-based network monitoring model, and has interactive network diagram tools. It installs on a Windows computer (typically a server, but sometimes a PC). Features include network analysis, packet loss testing, extrapolated data for predictive analysis, a 'QueueVision' report on VoIP quality, and daily 'Network Weather Reports' via email.[8][3]

Product reviews of TotalView 9 are available online from,[9] and[10]

Call Simulator Tool[edit]

TotalView includes a stand-alone call simulator tool for VoIP, for quality testing of VoIP systems.[4][3]


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