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Path 61 or the Lugo - Victorville 500 kV Line is a relatively short AC 500 kV power line that runs from Southern California Edison's (SCE) Lugo substation southwest of Hesperia to Los Angeles Department of Water and Power's (LADW&P) Victorville substation north of Victorville, California.[1] The line is an important connection between two out of the four parts that make up the massive Path 46 transmission system in southeast California since the line allows power flow to be rerouted on Path 46 when necessary.[1] Half of the length of the 500 kV power line is owned by SCE to the south and LADW&P to the north.[1] The entire line is located in the Mojave Desert and the High Desert regions of California.[2]


Starting in the south from the Lugo substation, where many other SCE 500 kV lines like two 500 kV lines from Vincent substation and three lines from San Bernardino connect to, the Path 61 500 kV wire heads north-northeast for a distance and then turns northwest, spanning over Interstate 15. The line then turns and heads northeast along with other lower voltage power lines until the 500 kV line terminates at the LADW&P's Victorville substation. Like the Lugo substation, many other LADW&P 500 kV lines, part of Path 46, connect to the Victorville substation.[1][2] Victorville is also close to the Adelanto Converter Station where the DC link comes in from Utah.

Power transmission capacity[edit]

Path 61 can transmit 2,400 MW of electrical power from Victorville substation to Lugo substation. In reverse (Lugo to Victorville), the power line could only transmit 900 MW.[1]


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