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Pathare Prabhu middleclass gentleman of nineteenth century.
Pathare Prabhu middleclass housewife of nineteenth century.

Pathare Prabhu is one of the Hindu communities in the city of Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay).

Legendary origin[edit]

Pathare Prabhus believe themselves to be descendants of Ashwapati, a monarch of the mythical Solar dynasty. According to this legend, rishi Bhrigu cursed Ashwapati, because he did not take cognisance of the rishi during a religious ceremony. The curse meant that descendants of Ashwapati were to lose their kingship and would be reduced to petty clerks in the Kaliyug. Bhrigu condemned Ashwapati's descendants to be called Pattan Prabhu in place of Pathare Prabhu.[1]


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