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The Pathways To Peace Organization or simply Pathways To Peace (PTP) is an international peacebuilding, educational, and consulting organization which has consultative status with the United Nations.[1] It was incorporated in 1983 as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, social profit, non-partisan organization, and was granted official UN Peace Messenger status in 1987.[2][3][4]

The main goals of PTP include making peace a reality through global projects, and increasing communication while building cooperation among existing organizations to promote peace. Peace, as defined by PTP, is both an innate state of being and a dynamic, evolutionary process. Peace begins within people, living in harmony with one another, the Earth and all Circles of Life. Pathways To Peace works locally and globally to accomplish its mission. One of the ways in which it builds peace is by collaborating with other organizations in various initiatives. Pathways To Peace is also an active participant in conferences at the United Nations, where it speaks about the principles and practices of Peacebuilding.[5]

Peaceways To Peace works with the city of Rochester on projects in an effort to realize peace on daily basis. Specifically, PTP team reaches a hand out to the targeted neighborhoods to assess the needs of youth, network with all available resources to link youths at risk to appropriate services. Overall, it offers prevention, intervention, and direct monitoring of youths receiving the services needed to support their positive progress.[6]


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