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Patio Maravillas

Patio Maravillas is a Multi-purpose Autonomously-governed Space in central Madrid.

First building: Acuerdo, 8 (2007-2010)[edit]

Patio Maravillas. 2009-12-10.

It started life in the summer of 2007 with the squatting and fixing up of a building that was formerly a school and had been closed for 7 years, at 8 Acuerdo Street, in the Malasaña district.

Patio Maravillas, 2009-01-22.

Its presentation took place on 4, 5, 6 and 7 October, three months after it opened. Different activities were organized to involve people living in the neighbourhood. Its philosophy, both campaigning and respectful, allows participation by a large number of different groups and individuals that have joined one by one and made it their focal point.

Access being free, there were several permanent activities such as the Bicicritica bicycle repair workshop, video and documentary screenings (Cinema Maravillas), a free-access Internet room-Hacklab, a cafeteria that served as a meeting point and cultural and social exchange, English classes, remedial classes, a storytelling and creative writing workshop, subversion point (political and feminist discussion), the "chikiasamblea" (children's activities and games room), a photography workshop (Foto Patio), legal advice, rap workshop, and others. There were also theatre, painting, music, audiovisual, and immigration groups, that meet, rehearse, and carry out their activities. There were also special activities such as concerts, exhibitions, neighbourhood meetings, talks about health and consumer issues, and meetings of different groups. There have also been performances by groups and soloists including Grande Marlaska and Amparanoia.

Second building: Pez, 21 (2010-)[edit]

Following a legal suit by the legal owner, Acuerdo 8 was cleared by the police on January 6, 2010 [1]. On the same day, the Patio Maravillas community organized a peaceful protest demonstration in the area (Dos de Mayo Sq), summoning hundreds of people who were guided through the neighborhood until nearby Pez Street, where a group of activists had just entered a new long-abandoned building. One day after the clearing of Acuerdo, the fixing up of the building and resuming of the Patio activities in the new space were underway [2].

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