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Patloni is an Indian village about 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) from Baldeo on the road joining to Agra. The village has about 10,000 residents and 5 intermediate colleges and one degree college.(GLR digree college)

Patloni / Patlauni is a village in Baldeo tehsil of Mathura district. It is very big village having population 10000. This village is business hub and centric location of nearby villages. It has educational institutions, co-operative societies, post office, cold storages, bank, water overhead tank and other facilities too.

Many native citizens of Patloni are govt. officers, defense officers, educationalist, industrialist and big political figures.

Social composition of village: There are jat Brahmin, Vaishya, & Chamaar (SC) are main Hindu castes in this village. Roughly 50% Brahmin (mainly Gautam) 20% Jat 5% Vaishya (mainly Mittal) 15% SC (mainly Chamar) 10% other castes

Business composition of village: Mostly villagers dependent on farming. Few are in local business. 50%: Farming and government jobs 10%: Business 40%: Migrated outside

One more important point to add here it is that around 30% of family has at least one member of family is serving in Army.

Orkut Community

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Coordinates: 23°35′N 79°33′E / 23.583°N 79.550°E / 23.583; 79.550