Patna College

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Patna College
Established 1863
Type Public
Chancellor Keshri Nath Tripathi
Vice-Chancellor Prof. Yedla C. Simhadri
Principal Prof. (Dr.) Ranvijay Singh [1]
Location Patna, Bihar, India
Campus Urban
Sports Cricket, Hockey, curling
Website [1]

Patna College is a college in the state of Bihar, India. It was founded on 9 January 1863[2] during the British Raj and is now affiliated to Patna University. It is also considered to be the oldest institution of higher education in Bihar.[3]


Since its inception in 1863 Patna College functioned as a Government College. It became a constituent college of Patna University on January 2, 1952.[2] The college is celebrating its 150th year in 2012.[4][5]

The College is also associated with E. M. Forster's novel, A Passage to India. According to Adwaita P. Ganguly, the institution known as Chandrapore College in the novel is "a replica of Patna College".[6] Forster met Charles Russell and V. H. Jackson, who were professors of the college, in the course of writing his novel, A Passage to India. Forster had collected Hiuen Tsang's Indian Diary from Russell before he made his visit to Barabar Caves that appear as an important location in the novel. A hostel in the campus of the college is named after Jackson.[6]

Campus and buildings[edit]

The administrative block of the college is the oldest of all the buildings. It used to be the site for an opium store-house and a Dutch factory in the 17th century, much before the college was started. Other buildings were constructed gradually over a period of time.

Administrative Building

Some of these are the western wing (1871), the eastern (1880), the portico and the present BA lecture theatre (1882) connected with the main building by the long western corridor named after principal Ewbank. Later the hostels like Jackson, Minto, New and Iqbal and quarters for the principal and professors were constructed.[7]

Western corridor of Patna College

The college building has been declared to be a heritage site by the Archaeological Survey of India.[7]

150th anniversary[edit]

A number of celebrations are being organised during 2012 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the college.[8] Coinciding with the anniversary is the centenary of the Bihar Legislative Council, which held its first session in the seminar hall of Patna college in 1913 and returned there to mark the occasion on 20 January 2012.[9][10]

List of Principals[edit]

The List of the Principals are as follows:[11]

Name Year
J K Rogers 1863
J W Maccrindal 1866
J K Rogers 1866
J W Maccrindal 1867
A Ewbank 1880
A G Edwards 1887
C R Wilson 1887
A Macdonald 1902
H R James 1904
C Russell 1905
H R James 1905
C Russell 1905
V H Jackson 1908
C Littles 1909
C Russell 1913
V H Jackson 1914
K S Cadwell 1917
E A Horn 1920
H Lambart 1920
L Tipping 1920
W W T Moor 1921
K S Cadwell 1921
L Tipping 1921
W W T Moor 1922
E A Horn 1922
V H Jackson 1924
E A Horn 1927
J A Armour 1929
H Lambart 1929
P O Hitlock 1932
H Lambart 1933
Ramprasad Khosla 1934
H Lambart 1934
J M Armour 1935
H R Batheja 1938
S C Sarkar 1938
Hari Chand 1939
S C Sarkar 1942
H R Batheja 1942
Gorakh Nath Singh 1946
K P Sinha 1947
Kalimuddin Ahmed 1952
K K Dutta 1958
Iqbal Hussain 1960
M C Aabdin 1961
P Dayal 1965
Mahendra Pratap 1966
K P Ambashtha 1971
M S Sadruddin 1973
Damodar Thakur 1974
C K Pandey 1974
K N Prasad 1975
Chetkar Jha 1979
Virendra Verma 1985
V A Narayan 1985
Virendra Verma 1987
M Siddiqi 1987
Z Ahmed 1989
M Siddiqi 1990
Z Ahmed 1990
N P Verma 1990
Ramchandra Prasad 1990
Mumtaz Ahmed 1991
V N Singh 1993
N P Verma 1994
Amresh Pathak 1996
N P Verma 1996
L N Ram 1996
N P Verma 1997
R P Singh Rahi 2002
S S Tulsyan 2003

Notable alumni[edit]

Notable faculty[edit]


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