Patna City

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Patna City

Patna Saheb/Patna Saheb
Patna City is located in Patna
Patna City
Patna City
Location in Patna, India
Coordinates: 25°35′10″N 85°11′4″E / 25.58611°N 85.18444°E / 25.58611; 85.18444Coordinates: 25°35′10″N 85°11′4″E / 25.58611°N 85.18444°E / 25.58611; 85.18444
Country India
 • BodyPatna Municipal Corporation
 • SpokenHindi, English (main official), Urdu and Punjabi (liturgical)
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
800009, 800008, 800007[1]
Planning agencyPatna Regional Development Authority
Civic agencyPatna Municipal Corporation
Lok SabhaPatna Sahib (Lok Sabha constituency)
Vidhan SabhaPatna Sahib (Vidhan Sabha constituency)

Patna City, popularly known as Patna Saheb or Patna Sahib, is a neighbourhood in Patna, Bihar, India. It is regarded as very sacred by the Sikhs in India.[2] The tenth Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh was born there. The Patna Saheb Gurudwara is considered to be one of the holiest of the five "Takhts" or seat of authority of the Sikhs. The place is named Harminder Takht though the Sikhs respectfully call it Patna Sahib. The famous Guru Gobind Sahib Gurudwara is an important shrine for Sikhs from all over the world.[3] Ashok Rajpath (road) connects Patna City to Patna.


Patna City is an old area of Patna. Patna City history belongs to Patliputra. Patna City comes under Patna Sahib (Vidhan Sabha constituency).[4] Bengali Colony, Jhauganj, Lodi Katra, Rambagh, Kali Asthan, Nehru Tola, Marufganj, Harmandir Gali, Bihar Mills Colony are major areas of Patna City. The main Guru Gobind road connects Patna Sahib Gurudwara and Patna City Chowk. Mangal Talab is a water body located here. Patna City has all sorts of facilities like schools, hospitals for its residents. Other than Sikh Religious center it has a number of Hindu Temples and Mosques. It has a number of Boarding and Lodging facilities around religious centers. Patna Ghat is the Ganga side Ghat flowing in north of Patna City. Today, Patna City is also a major trading centre.[5]

Major landmarks[edit]

  • Afshan Traders
  • Bal Leela, Maini Sangat
  • Bahari Begumpur(One of the historical place in the city)
  • Khanqah Emadia Qalandaria, Mangal Talab
  • Khanqah Munamia Hasania, Teeksaal Darguah
  • Railway Quarter, Patna City
  • Mangal Talab (talab means tank[6]), Named after the donor Late Shri Mangal Lal, a local landlord.
  • Kashmiri Bagh (graveyard)
  • Old Cemetery, Patna City
  • Jalla Area (Hanuman Mandir, Shani mandir)
  • Manoj Kamaleya Stadium, a small outdoor stadium at Mangal Talab.
  • Takht Sri Patna Sahib


It has its own railway station, known as Patna Sahib railway station. It is connected to many metropolitan cities of India by the Howrah-Delhi Main Line.

Police Stations[edit]

The following Police Stations of Patna Police serve this area:

  • Chowk Police Station
  • Deedarganj Police Station[7]
  • Khajekalan Police Station


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