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Patnos is located in Turkey
Coordinates: 39°14′09″N 42°52′07″E / 39.23583°N 42.86861°E / 39.23583; 42.86861Coordinates: 39°14′09″N 42°52′07″E / 39.23583°N 42.86861°E / 39.23583; 42.86861
Country Turkey
Province Ağrı
 • Mayor Cem Afşin Akbay (AKP)
 • Kaymakam Tuncay Dursun
 • District 1,455.74 km2 (562.06 sq mi)
Population (2012)[2]
 • Urban 62,425
 • District 125,995
 • District density 87/km2 (220/sq mi)
Post code 04500

Patnos (Armenian: Բադնոց, Latin transliteration: Badnoc‘ or Patnoc‘, Kurdish: Panos) was a historically important Armenian city, is now a district of Ağrı Province of Turkey on a plain surrounded by high mountains including Süphan, watered by tributaries of the Murat River. 82 km south of the city of Ağrı on the road to Van. The mayor is Cem Afşin Akbay (AKP).

The plain has been settled since at least 1300BC and this was a centre of the Urartu civilisation. The city has many historical ruins from Urartian period.[3] There are a number of places of historical interest around Patnos, including the castle of Aznavur Tepe, an impressive Urartu building.

Today Patnos is a small town in an impoverished rural area.


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