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Patriarch is the highest rank of bishop of the autocephalous churches in Eastern Orthodoxy, Oriental Orthodoxy, some Eastern Catholic Churches sui iuris and the Assyrian Church of the East; and the highest rank attached to a see under the Pope of Rome in the Latin Catholic church.

Patriarch may also refer to:

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  • (patriarch-)Catholicos
  • Patriarchate, the see and jurisdiction of an ecclesiastical Patriarch
  • Nasi or Patriarch of the Jews, the head of the Sanhedrin of Israel from 191 BCE to 425 CE
  • Kzinti Patriarch, a fictional character in Larry Niven's Known Space series
  • Supreme Patriarch or Sangharaja, a title given to senior Theravada Buddhist monks
  • Patriarchalism, a seventeenth century political theory of absolute monarchy in England
  • Matriarch (disambiguation), the corresponding female term to some of these senses