Patriarch Diodoros of Jerusalem

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Diodoros or Diodorus Greek: Διόδωρος; born Damianos G. Karivalis Greek: Δαμιανός Γ. Καρίβαλης (August 14, 1923 – December 20, 2000) was the Patriarch of Jerusalem in the Eastern Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem from 1980 to 2000.

He was born on the Greek island of Chios on August 14, 1923. He became a monk in 1943 and was renamed Diodoros. Three years later he became a priest, then an archbishop of Hierapolis in 1965. He served in Hierapolis prior to his election and was Patriarchal Exarch in Amman, Jordan, until 1980 when he was raised to the Patriarchate.


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Preceded by
Benedict I
Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem
Succeeded by
Irenaios I