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View from chairlift, Patriata
New Murree Patriata
A view of autumn in Patriata, Murree, Pakistan

Patriata also known as New Murree is a hill staton in northern Punjab, Pakistan. It is situated 15 km south-east of Murree hill. [1]


Patriata is located in Murree Tehsil which is a subdivision of Rawalpindi District. It is the highest point in the area and the hills stand 7500 feet above sea level.


The hill station is a tourist location as the climate here is much cooler than further south. There is a chair lift and cable car system for going to the highest point. The area is heavily forested and there are many monkeys and leopards in the area.and hub for tourism due to cramming and over saturation in main Murree.


According to what people say. The place was named unwillingly. Before the independence of Pakistan. A foreigner came to visit the place, he didn't know its name, so he asked an old lady to tell the place's name. The old lady didn't know English, and was carrying flour in a pot on her head. She thought that the man was asking about what she was carrying. So she replied him in north Punjabi or Panjistani "Puttar, Atta" in English it means "Son, (it's) flour". From this the place was named as Pathriata and is similar to the Panjistani (or North Punjabi) words Puttar Atta


This area is famous for its natural beauty & especially for the cable car & chair lift service which pass over many beautiful eye capturing spots.

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Coordinates: 33°52′27″N 73°27′25″E / 33.8743°N 73.4570°E / 33.8743; 73.4570