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Patricia Briggs
Born 1965 (age 49–50)
Butte, Montana, United States
Pen name Patricia Briggs
Occupation Novelist
Language English
Nationality American
Period 1993–present
Genre fantasy, urban fantasy
Notable works Mercy Thompson series

Patricia Briggs (born 1965) is an American writer of fantasy since 1993, well known for the Mercy Thompson urban fantasy series.


Personal life[edit]

Patricia Briggs was born in 1965 in Butte, Montana, United States. She has lived in various cities in the Pacific Northwest, and now resides in Tri-Cities Washington, home to Mercy Thompson and the Columbia Basin Pack.

Writing career[edit]

Briggs began writing in 1990 and published her first novel Masques in 1993. While sales on her first book were poor, her next book, Steal the Dragon, garnered better sales and more favorable editorial reviews.

Briggs then began writing multi-book stories. Dragon Bones and Dragon Blood share both the same world and the same characters, though both are complete stories. Raven's Shadow and Raven's Strike share a single story line spanning both novels. One hallmark of Briggs' books is that each is a stand-alone story, and the reader is never left with a cliffhanger ending.

Her editor then asked her to write an urban fantasy, since the genre was showing promising growth. After signing a contract for three books, Briggs wrote Moon Called, which sold far better than her previous novels, making it to the USA Today bestseller lists. The second book in the series, Blood Bound, hit The New York Times Best Seller list. The third book, Iron Kissed, was a number one New York Times bestseller.

A Mercy Thompson graphic novel was released on August 25, 2009: Mercy Thompson: Homecoming. An edited version of her first novel, Masques, has been republished, along with a previously unpublished sequel, Wolfsbane.



Sianim series[edit]

  • Masques (1993)

When the peaceful kingdom of Reth is overrun by Geofrrey ae'Magi, the evil master of illusion, Aralorn, weaponsmistress of the shapechanging race, and her companion, Wolf, attempt to overthrow him.

  • Wolfsbane (2010)

For the last ten years, shapeshifting mercenary Aralorn has led a dangerous existence — a far cry from her noble upbringing. Now she must return home under the most unfortunate circumstances. Her father, the Lyon of Lambshold, has died. But when Aralorn and her companion Wolf arrive, the combination of their magic uncovers something wonderful yet alarming — her father is not actually dead, but only appears so. Yet a dark mist is also very much alive within him…

The Lyon of Lambshold has been ensorcelled by the ae’Magi, who’s using him as a conduit to finally destroy Aralorn and Wolf. With her father as the pawn, can Aralorn overcome this mysterious sorcery? Or will she finally fall to the blackest of magic, losing not only her one true companion but also her life…?

  • Shifter's Wolf (Aralorn Novels) (2012) (Compilation of Masques and Wolfsbane)[1][2]
  • Steal the Dragon (1995)

Years ago Rialla fled Darran, the country of her bondage. Now, as a spy in training for the mercenary nation of Sianim, she can strike back at her former masters. A lord of Darran seeks to outlaw slavery, leading to plots against his life. Rialla is chosen to prevent his murder. Gambling with her freedom, Rialla returns to Darran, a world of deadly magic and deception. Original.

  • When Demons Walk (1998)

To survive, Sham has spent most of her young life stealing from Southwood's nobility. Now, as the city's nobles fall prey to a killer, Sham is called on to help, and must use all of her magical wisdom to send the demon away.

Hurog duology[edit]

  • Dragon Bones (2002)

To protect himself from his abusive father, Ward of Hurog has spent a lifetime convincing everyone that he is a fool, but now, with his father's death, Ward becomes the new lord of Hurog and must quickly prove himself worthy of the title to keep his throne.

  • Dragon Blood (2003)

As the rebellion grows against High King Jakoven, Ward, ruler of Hurog, realizes he must join with the rebels. However, Jakoven can crush his enemies with dragon's blood. The very blood that courses through Ward's veins.

Raven duology[edit]

  • Raven's Shadow (2004)

Seraph is a Raven mage who left behind her responsibilities for the love of the ex-soldier Tier. But when Tier disappears, Seraph must use her magic and fulfill her ancestors oath to protect humanity from destruction.

  • Raven's Strike (2005)

The Traveler Seraph must use all her cunning and ability as a Raven mage to track down an unimaginable force of destruction known as the Shadowed.

Mercy Thompson series[edit]

Main article: Mercy Thompson series
  • Moon Called (2006)
Mercy must rescue the Alpha of the local werewolf pack and his young daughter, after they are taken by a band of humans and werewolves who are testing new medical drugs on werewolves. While helping Adam she must ask the Marrok, the leader of all North American werewolves, for help and encounters an old flame, Samuel Cornick, who decides to move back to the Tri-Cities with Mercy in an effort to win her back.
  • Blood Bound (2007)
Mercy accompanies her vampire friend Stefan on a task and encounters an evil demon-possessed vampire sorcerer who is on a killing rampage. She learns that only she can stop the sorcerer, and with everyone she cares for missing she must take out the sorcerer before he destroys her friends. Amidst all this chaos she is also caught between her feelings for the Alpha of the local werewolf pack, Adam Hauptman, and her old flame Samuel Cornick, who is currently living with her while he battles internally with his wolf.
  • Iron Kissed (2008)
Mercy is requested by her friend and old boss Zee to investigate some murders on the fae reservation near her home. During the investigation Zee is framed as a murderer and Mercy must work to free him from human prison. During the book she finally chooses between Samuel and Adam.
  • Bone Crossed (2009)
Mercy has been marked an enemy of the local seethe for killing the right hand man of the head mistress, Marsillia. She becomes mated to Adam and in an effort to save her friends and get away from Marsillia, Mercy travels to Spokane to help her friend rid her house of a ghost. Once there Mercy uncovers a much bigger problem than a ghost and is captured by a powerful vampire on a quest to keep Mercy for her skills as a walker.
  • Silver Borne (2010)
In an attempt to return a book she once borrowed from a fae friend, Mercy discovers that something bad has happened to him and she has the reason why in her possession. While she attempts to find her fae friend, Adam's pack is in an upheaval about Mercy being added to the pack without their consent, so they attempt to sabotage her and Adam's relationship.
  • River Marked (2011)
Finally hitched, Mercy and Adam vacation on their honeymoon. The honeymoon ends quickly when people start dying in the river. It is up to Mercy and her new friends to stop the monster who is killing. Mercy learns about her heritage and her real father.[3]
  • Frost Burned (2013)
When the pack is kidnapped, Mercy is left to rescue the wolves who got away and their families. Finding those responsible is never what it seems. Mercy is learning about her coyote powers and all hell breaks loose once the Marsillia arrives on scene.
  • Night Broken (March 11, 2014)
Mercy receives a phone call that Adam's ex-wife, Christy, is in trouble, on the run from her current boyfriend. But Adam's ex's intentions are not pure. She wants Adam back for herself. But Mercy will not give him up without a fight, as Christy's boyfriend is on a killing spree.

Alpha and Omega series[edit]

Set in the same world as the Mercy Thompson series

  • "Alpha and Omega" (novella, published in On the Prowl (2007))[4]
  • Cry Wolf (2008)
Anna travels to Montana with the seriously wounded Charles while trying to understand the mate connection of their wolves which has not yet bonded the humans, only to find a dangerous situation with a rogue wolf and a witch in the high country with a centuries old connection to the oldest wolf in the pack. She learns the power of the pack bond in desperate conditions and the power of being an Omega.
  • Hunting Ground (2009)
Mated to werewolf Charles Cornick, son of the leader of the North American werewolves, Anna Latham now knows how dangerous being a werewolf is, especially when a werewolf who opposes Charles and his father, is struck down. Charles's reputation makes him a suspect and the penalty for the crime is death. Now Anna and Charles must hunt down the real killer before Charles takes the fall. Features the Beast of Gévaudan of French legend, as well as Tom Franklin and Wendy Moira Keller from the short story "Seeing Eye".[5]
  • Fair Game (March 2012)
Mysteriously three werewolves are killed along with many half-blood fae and humans. Anna and Charles ally with FBI agent Leslie Fisher and Agent Goldstein to find these killers. Charles is haunted with the ghosts of some the people he has executed recently, and it is affecting his relationship with Anna.
  • Dead Heat (March 3, 2015)[6]
For once, mated werewolves Charles and Anna are not traveling because of Charles’s role as his father’s enforcer. This time, their trip to Arizona is purely personal--or at least it starts out that way...Charles and Anna soon discover that a dangerous Fae being is on the loose, replacing human children with simulacrums. The Fae’s cold war with humanity is about to heat up—and Charles and Anna are in the cross fire.

Stand-alone novels[edit]

  • The Hob's Bargain (2001)

Beauty and The Beast

Hated and feared, magic was banished from the land. But now, freed from the spells of the wicked bloodmages, magic-both good and evil-returns. And Aren of Fallbrook feels her own power of sight strengthen and grow…

Overcome by visions of mayhem and murder, Aren vows to save her village from the ruthless raiders who have descended upon it-and killed her family. With the return of wildlings to the hills and forests, she strikes a bargain with the Hob, a magical, human-like creature imbued with the power of the mountains. But the Hob is the last of his kind. And he will exact a heavy price to defend the village-a price Aren herself must pay…

Anthology contributions[edit]

  • "Wishing Well" in Adventures of Sword and Sorcery Magazine #6 (1999) (edited by Randy Dannenfelser. Published by Double Star Press) [7][8][9] Also available on Patricia Brigg's website.[10]

Vernor, an albino; no stranger to the abuse of the townsfolk, comes to the aid of an elf. Taking the elf in for the evening, Vernor is offered a wish in exchange for his rescue. As Vernor is unable to think of a suitable wish, the elf agrees to come again.

A selfless rescue sees the formation of an unlikely friendship and grants an outcast man's ultimate wish.

A retelling of the classic fairytale "Rumplestiltskin." The strange-looking but not-unattractive title character uses his magic to try to save the young weaver he loves from the threats of the vicious king

  • "Alpha and Omega" in On the Prowl (2007) (set in the same world as the Mercy Thompson series)

Anna Latham never knew werewolves existed, until the night she survived a violent attack... and became one herself. After three years at the bottom of the Chicago pack, she's learned to keep her head down and never, ever trust dominant males. But when she discovers wrongdoing in her pack, she has to go above her Alpha's head to ask for help.

Charles Cornick is the son – and enforcer – of the leader of the North American werewolves. Now his father has sent him to Chicago to clean up a problem there. Charles never expected to find Anna, a rare Omega wolf – and he certainly never expected to recognize her as his mate...

  • "Star of David" in Wolfsbane and Mistletoe (2008) republished in Weird Detectives: Recent Investigations (2013)[12] (set in the same world as the Mercy Thompson series)

Centers on David Christiansen, who was briefly mentioned in Moon Called.

David, a werewolf, is estranged from his daughter because of actions done when he was newly changed. Stella was away when Devonte was placed in a new foster home, and she had no control over the situation. Now Devonte is being accused of something Stella finds difficult to believe. She's about to call the one person she never thought to ask for help. Both David and the boy his daughter asks him to protect are outsiders and full of strange gifts that may prove useful against a vampire stalker.

  • "Seeing Eye" in Strange Brew (2009), republished in The Urban Fantasy Anthology (2011) (set in the same world as the Mercy Thompson series)

When Tom Franklin, werewolf and second in the Emerald City pack, shows up on Moira's doorstep asking for her help in finding his kidnapped brother Jon, Moira cannot refuse him, even though it could mean her death. For Moira is no ordinary witch, and she has a dark past connected to those who have taken Jon – the Samhain Coven, led by the cruel and power-hungry Kouros. Together, Moira and Tom set out on Jon's trail, using her magic and Tom's strength to discover Jon's fate, and to face Samhain once and for all.

  • "Fairy Gifts" in Naked City (2011) (set in the same world as the Mercy Thompson series)

Thomas, a vampire, is called by magic back to his home in Butte Montana to save the Fae who freed him from a dark curse.

  • "Gray" in Home Improvement (2011) (set in the same world as the Mercy Thompson series)

Vampire Elyna purchases the condo she lived in years ago despite its reputation for being haunted. When she begins renovations the ghost offers suggestions for improvement, and Elyna starts to enjoy life again in a way she hasn't since her violent change to vampire. Unfortunately she manages to attract attention from the powerful Chicago vampire seethe, and her new home is threatened.

Poor Warren has terrible neighbors. Apparently, nobody told them that antagonizing a werewolf isn't as fun as it sounds. Werewolf P.I. Warren Smith is icily determined to uncover who sent the zombie in a red dress to try and kill his lover Kyle.

  • "Shifting Shadows" A compilation of short stories in the Mercyverse, including all the stories from previous anthologies as well as several new ones. Set for release September 2, 2014.[13]

Graphic novels[edit]

Set in the same world as the Mercy Thompson series

  • Mercy Thompson: Homecoming (2009)
How Mercy met Zee and the Columbia Basin Pack.[14]
  • "Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson: Moon Called" (2012)
A war is erupting among the werewolves – and Mercy is caught in the middle! Can she stop it before it's too late? [15]
  • Cry Wolf: Alpha and Omega (2012) [16]


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