Patricia May

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Patricia May Urzúa
Nationality  Chile
Alma mater University of Chile
Occupation Anthropologist
Spouse(s) Sergio Sagüez
Awards Award of Coherence[1]

Patricia May Urzúa is a Chilean anthropologist. She graduated from the University of Chile in 1979.[2]

May has worked as a columnist for the newspaper El Sábado and El Mercurio. In 2001, she was named "one of Chile's most outstanding women for her contributions to social sciences and development," a distinction granted by the Chilean government.[3] From 2004 to 2006, she was named "one of 100 leading women in Chile " by Mujeres Empresarias.[4] On 18 July 2007, she received the Award of Coherence from the Laura Rodríguez Foundation,[1] recognizing May as a "model whose values enrich the political and social work of Chile."[5]


According to the magazine Mundo Nuevo, May's work has been "focused on the reflection on evolution, the meaning of life and the spiritual traditions of different cultures."[6] May herself has commented on the analyses she has conducted on "the culture and lifestyle of the post-modern world."[3]

Timeline of works[7]

  • Todos los reinos palpitan en ti (in Spanish). Editorial Grijalbo. 2001. ISBN 9789562581196.
  • Nuevos pensamientos, nuevos mundos (in Spanish). El Mercurio-Aguilar. 2003. ISBN 9789562392594.
  • Vivir conscientes (in Spanish). El Mercurio-Aguilar. 2006. ISBN 9789562394253.
  • De la cultura del ego a la cultura del alma (in Spanish). Serpa Consultores. 2007. ISBN 9789563109337.


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