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Patricia B. Seybold, CEO of Patricia Seybold Group, is the author of, The Customer Revolution, Outside Innovation, and co-author of Brandchild. Her books, (particularly, discuss the impact that technology and evolving customer behavior have on business trends. Ms. Seybold is a strong advocate for the idea that customers should be engaged in the brainstorming work that precedes the conception of successful products and services.

Published work[edit]

  • Patricia B. Seybold with Ronni T. Marshak. How to Create a Profitable Business Strategy for the Internet and Beyond. Crown Business, 1998. ISBN 0-8129-3037-1
  • Patricia B. Seybold with Ronni T. Marshak. The Customer Revolution. Crown Business, 2001. ISBN 0-609-60772-3
  • Patricia B. Seybold. Outside Innovation: How Your Customers Will Co-Design Your Company's Future. Collins, 2006. ISBN 0-06-113590-9
  • Martin Lindstrom and Patricia B. Seybold. Brandchild: Remarkable Insights into the Minds of Today's Global Kids & Their Relationships with Brands. Kogan Page, 2004. ISBN 0-7494-4284-0

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