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Patricia Mary St. John
Southampton, England
OccupationWriter, missionary nurse

Patricia Mary St. John (1919–1993) was an English writer. She worked most of her life as a Protestant missionary nurse in Morocco. Although at first she worked with her brother in the main foreign hospital, she later spent four years manning a village clinic in a more remote area. During her time as the house mother at Clarendon school which was under her aunt, she wrote Treasures of the Snow and Tanglewood's Secret. Her later novels Star of Light and Secret of the Fourth Candle were based on her experiences in Tangiers. She lived for some years until her death in Canley, Coventry and worshipped at Canley Evangelical Church. [1]

Early years[edit]

Her parents, Harry and Ella St. John, had been missionaries to South America for two years. Patricia was born, the third of five children, just after they arrived back in England.[2] From her memories of a year lived in alpine Switzerland she wrote her second book, Treasures of the Snow.

Mission work[edit]

After finishing high school she became a nurse during World War II, and after the War ended was a house mother at her aunt's boarding school for a couple of years before she joined her brother, Farnham, in Tangiers, Morocco, where he was medical director of a missions hospital. She died on 16th August 1993[3] in Canley, Coventry due to heart problems.[4]


St. John was known as one of the most prolific British Protestant evangelical writers of fiction in the latter part of the 20th century.[5] Some of her fiction books for children, Treasures of the Snow (1980-3), The Tanglewood's Secret (1980) and Star of Light, have been filmed.[6]


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