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Patrick Béon
Personal information
Born (1950-02-05) 5 February 1950 (age 69)[1]
Gosné, France[1]
Team information
Rider typeSprinter
Professional team(s)
1979[1]Carlos-Galli G.B.C.[1][2]
Major wins
1973 Paris-Roubaix, U23[1]
1975 Circuit des genets verts[1]
1975 Classement General Etoile de Besseges[1]
1976 Criterium International[1]
1979 Stage 2 Etoile de Besseges[1]

Patrick Béon (born 5 February 1950) is a French former professional racing cyclist. His sporting career began with ACBB Paris.[3] He rode in three editions of the Tour de France,[4] from 1975 through 1977.[1] His team leader, Bernard Thevenet, won the general classification of the Tour de France in 1975 and 1977.[5][6]

In 1976, Patrick Beon was selected to represent France in the road race at the Cycling World Championships.[7]

In 2000, Beon was arrested and charged with trafficking illegal substances.[6] And, in 2002, he was sentenced to two years in prison.[8]

In 2009, Patrick Beon (with Florian Joyard) wrote an autobiography, "Nu dans mes bottes".[6][9]


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