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Patrick Boivin (born 1975) is a film-maker from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. In addition to directing, he is often involved in the lighting, editing, animation, special effects and even music in his films. He is not related in any way to Patrick Boivin of the YouTube gaming group Super Best Friends Play, who is also from Montreal.

His short film Ça pis tout l’reste (That, and everything else) was chosen by Quebec Gold as one of the top 10 short films from Quebec in 2008. Boivin was one of the group of nine "autodidact" writers who produced an experimental television series "Phylactere Cola" for Canadian television that aired in 2002-2003. All were cartoonists who had met years earlier and produced over 400 sketches.[1] His films have been featured at numerous international film festivals around the world, including the Montreal World Film Festival, the Commonwealth Film Festival (UK), and the Festival de Namur (Belgium).

Boivin started his creative career by drawing comic books, and, in his words, “quickly discovered that it was faster to tell a story with video." He cites Tom Waits, Roy Andersson, Federico Fellini, and Paul Thomas Anderson as influences on his style.

Many of his films have been viewed more than a million times on YouTube. He created the stop motion videos for the "King Of The Dogs" song from Iggy Pop and "Play boy" from Indochine. He also created viral clips such as Iron Baby, Iron Man vs Bruce Lee and Dragon Baby.

In 2011, Patrick Boivin developed his first video game for iOS entitled Crottey Bunny's Scratch N' Dance under the name Monsieur Monsieur Boivin, a company he started with his brother.


  • La Lettre
  • Radio
  • White
  • I Shot Your Ex-girlfriend
  • La Fin du Neoliberalisme
  • Cuts Kill Culture
  • Paranoland
  • Nosferatu Rising
  • The First Spaceshit on the Moon
  • Redite
  • Jazz With a General Problem
  • Batman vs Joker (BBoy Joker)
  • Bruce Lee vs Iron Man
  • Black Ox Skateboard
  • Mandalorian Dance
  • Bumblebee boy
  • Jackson vs Bean
  • Ninjas UnBoxing
  • Happy Meal
  • Iron Baby
  • AT-AT Day Afternoon
  • Lego Cars 2 trailer
  • Dragon Baby
  • Bunker


"Since I didn't go to film school, nobody told me I wasn't supposed to do everything."


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