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Patrick Combs
Picture of Patrick Combs.jpg
Patrick Combs in 2010
Born (1966-07-05) July 5, 1966 (age 50)
Bend, Oregon
Occupation Author, Speaker, Coach
Nationality Mexican American
Notable works (book) Man 1 Bank 0
Notable awards Hall of Fame Speaker

Patrick Combs (born July 5, 1966) is a Mexican American author, business coach, occasional media personality and a Hall of Fame inspirational speaker.[1][2][3][4][5][6] He is the author of Major in Success and Man 1 Bank 0 which was adapted into a one-man live stage show that has toured the United States and Europe.[7][8] Combs has performed Man 1 Bank 0 to sold out audiences in Ireland.[9][10][11]

For over twenty years he has been an active speaker on the National college circuit, a keynote speaker for a variety of global corporations, and a speaker at seminars, public and private events. He has logged over 1,500 speaking engagements for companies like Hilton, Shell, Motorola, Visa, Boeing, Google, Enterprise Rent-a-Car and Qualcomm, as well as most major universities and colleges throughout the United States including Stanford, Penn, NYU and the Big Ten schools.[12][13]

As an occasional media personality, reporter, commentator and model, Patrick has appeared on television programs, talk shows and network specials,[14] as well as the cover of the Harlequin Romance novel The Valentine Gift.[15] Patrick also made headlines when at age 21 he delivered a stranger’s baby on a sidewalk in San Francisco without any previous medical training[16][17][18]

Early life and education[edit]

Patrick was raised in Bend, Oregon by a single mother with his older brother Mike Combs.[19][20] His mother was a nurse until she lost her job after a back injury. The family lived in poverty in a trailer on a single income with support in part by a local church. Patrick would take odd jobs to help, including picking strawberries and running daily a paper route.[21] He attended [Lewis & Clark College] in 1984 to 1984 and graduated San Francisco State University in 1989 with a Bachelor of Arts.


In 1992 Patrick began writing his first book which became his national bestseller, Major in Success.[22] The book, which was published by Ten Speed Press and is distributed by Random House,[23] is currently being distributed in its fifth edition.[24] The book which helps student discover their passion and maximize their college experience, is widely used as part of education curriculum.

As a compendium to his live one man stage show, Man 1 Bank 0, in 2010 Patrick wrote a novelization of it. The book version is sold on Amazon and at each performance.

His book, Gearing up for a Great Life sold over 20,000 copies through the national Gear Up Program. The National Counsel for Community Education.[25]


Patrick Combs addresses audience in Dallas, 2016

Patrick Combs has completes thousands of successful speeches, keynotes and hosted seminars across the United States and abroad.[26][27][28][29] Topics of past speeches for college students have included how to succeed at your passion[30] and why you need to stop focusing on results and how to get out of your own way.[31] For corporate speeches, topics include successful mindset, which he presented at Bursars 2016 in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida[32]


Patrick Comb's one man show, Man 1 Bank 0 has played sold out runs at HBO's 2004 U.S. Comedy Arts Festival held in Aspen, at the Spoleto Festival in Charleston (where it garnered "Critic's Choice"), in Winnipeg, and at the Comedy Central Stage in Los Angeles. The show won "Best of Fest" at the San Francisco Fringe where it was awarded "Best Solo Comedy," and was an official selection of the New Zealand International Comedy Festival and an official selection of the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal.[33] The show sold out in New York during its off-Broadway run at the Lambs Theatre in the Summer of 2015.[34][35] In 2012 he debuted his one-man show entitled Foolhardy at the Orlando Fringe[36]

Media Personality[edit]

Patrick has appeared on several national and international television programs, series and specials, including Hard Copy and Real TV.[37] He has also appeared on such talk shows as The View, Donahue, ABC Nightly News, NBC Nightly News, Good Morning America, CNN, Montel Williams and The Late Show.[38][39]

Published Work[edit]

  • “Major in Success" Ten Speed Press, Publication Date: 1994
  • “Gearing Up (Inside & Out) for a Great Life: A Smart Guide for High School” Light Matrix Books, Publication Date: 2003
  • “Man 1 Bank 0" Art Helix, Publication Date: October 18, 2011


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