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Patrick Condon (born in Brockton Massachusetts in 1950) is a notable Canadian urban designer, planner and professor, and is author of several planning books in the field of sustainability and public engagement. He graduated from University of Massachusetts Amherst in 1980. His career as an urban designer, planner, and community activist spans four decades. A concern for cities and the well being of its residents unites his many efforts.

Early Work[edit]

At the age of 23 Condon worked as a community organizer in his hometown of Brockton Massachusetts, USA. Here he collaborated with residents in an impoverished neighbourhood, working with them to lobby for and build a series of neighbourhood improvements including a community built park called Off Street Park, providing a safe recreation area for local families.


Inspired by this effort Condon pursued professional education as a Landscape Architect, completing his undergraduate education, graduating summa cumme laude Bachelor of Science in 1978 and a Masters in Landscape Architecture in 1981, both degrees from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Professional work[edit]

Following graduation he worked as a city planner in Westfield Massachusetts, a medium sized city in the Pioneer Valley region of Massachusetts, managing affordable housing programs, downtown restoration efforts, and planning policy changes. He stepped down from his position as Director of Community Development, City of Westfield MA, in 1984, with the intention of joining academia.

Academic Positions[edit]

After a year of European Travel Condon took a tenure track position at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Department of

Landscape Architecture. He was granted tenure at that University in 1990.

In 1992 he moved to Canada, taking a position as Chair of the UBC Landscape Architecture Program [1] University of British Columbia. In 1996 he assumed the UBC Chair in Landscape and Livable Environments[2], a position he still holds. [3] He was promoted to full professor by UBC in 2006.


For the past 25 years Condon has devoted his scholastic efforts to working with communities to create affordable and sustainable communities. At the core of his work is this premise: Sustainable communities can only be spawned in an atmosphere of collaboration. Many stakeholders must combine efforts to solve sustainability problems, as the variables in such complex problems are too numerous for other methodologies to handle. Notable successes consequent to this effort include City of Surrey East Clayton[4] Sustainable Neighbourhood, now nearing completion. This project provided a new model for housing over 10,000 people in affordable and sustainable accommodations in a walkable, mixed use, affordable community.

Condon has managed multi party round table urban design and planning projects in more than 20 communities, many cataloged here: , many of them under the aegis of the UBC Design Centre for Sustainability, a sustainable community design think tank that he founded in 1998

UBC Urban Design Program[edit]

Most recently Condon took the lead role in founding the UBC Urban Design Program, whose goal is to equip future urban designers with the knowledge and skills needed to meet the challenges of modern urban growth, now in its fifth year. The intensive 11-month curriculum focuses on enhancing the understanding of urban design at all scales—from the neighbourhood block to the regional. The post-professional course of study integrates design studios with courses in urban design history and theory, economics, and public policy.


Condon has had a lifelong passion for political engagement. Currently he has put his name before the Vancouver electorate for the position of Vancouver Mayor.


He has worked for many years to advance sustainable urban design in Canada and elsewhere in the world. He has lectured widely, and is the author of several books, notably Design Charrettes for Sustainable Communities (2007) [5] and Seven Rules for Sustainable Communities (2010)[6], both by Island Press. He is currently under contract with Island Press for a third book with them, tentatively titled Five Rules for Tomorrow's Cities; Sustainable Urban Design in an Age of Change.

He and his research partners have collaborated with the City of North Vancouver to produce the "100 Year Sustainability Vision"[7] a plan to make North Vancouver a zero carbon community. Professor Condon and his partners have received awards from the Canadian Institute of Planners and the American Society of Landscape Architects for their work.


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