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Patrick Denipitiya
Birth name Patrick Denipitiya
Born (1934-08-11)August 11, 1934
Kotahena, Sri Lanka
Origin Sri Lanka
Died March 23, 2013(2013-03-23) (aged 78)
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Occupation(s) Songwriter, composer, music director, Arranger, instrumentalist
Instruments Hawaiian (lap slide) guitar, piano, harmonium, acoustic guitar, electronic keyboard
Associated acts The Patrick Denipitiya Combo, C T Fernando

Patrick Tibertius Maximus Denipitiya (11 August 1934—23 March 2013) was a Sri Lankan musician.[1]

He was an implementer of genuine western music to Sri lankas oriental Music in the early 60s and also introduced the electric Hawaiian guitar into Sri Lankan sinhala music industry[citation needed] and was responsible for the musical composition, arrangements, music direction and performance of many Sinhala songs and films from the early-1950s to 1997. He was a student of Sunil Shantha.[citation needed]

Denipitiya was considered the fastest music notation writer in Sri Lanka as described by his music colleagues[citation needed] and had a unique ability where he could write music scores without using an instrument in both Eastern and Western notation. He was able to do this for an entire orchestra that utilizes both eastern and western instruments. He directed music for a majority of songs written by Karunaratne Abeysekera, George Leslie Ranasinghe and Cyril A Seelawimala (and some of Premakeerthi De Alwis, KDK Darmawardene, Fr. Mercelyn Jayakody, for example).

Patrick was the Music Director for many original songs sung by C T Fernando, Milton Mallawarachchi, C D Fonseka, Susil Premaratne, Anjalene Gunathileke (née Lanerole), Sydney Atygalle, Mallika Kahawita, Maurice Dahanayake, Christopher Paul, H R Jothipala, Kanthi Wakwella, Henry Caldera, Latha Walpola, Sujatha Attanayake, Indrani Perera, Rupa Indhumathie, M S Fernando, Irene de Alwis, Camilus Anton Peiris, Freddie Silva, Ivor Dennis (and others) and for many calypso groups such as The J brothers, Samanalayo, Grain Leornados etc.

He directed music in the movies "Senghawunu Menika" in 1967, "Senakeliya" a box office hit in 1974 and "Loka Horu" 1976. He has co directed movies including "Saudan Jema", "Akke mata Awasara" and has directed, performed and assisted in many ways in over 5000 commercial songs and movie song recordings.

Early life and career[edit]

Patrick Denipitiya was born to a family of ten children in Kotahena. His parents were Coronalis Denipitiya, a railway stationmaster and Mary Simona (née Fernando). His siblings were named Sunny, Benedict, Paul, Andrew, Anne, Edward, Anton, Bertram, and Milton. Denipitiya studied at St Benedict's College, Colombo and finally at St. Aloysius' College (Galle). He was an intelligent student who gave up a future in the field of medicine to follow a career in music, a career which lasted nearly five decades. He had his first lessons of music from Sunil Santha who continued to give him free lessons and featured him in his recordings.

Although he had the talent to play many instruments such as the piano, harmonium, electronic keyboard and acoustic guitar – and even his lips, since his whistling skills were used in many songs too – his favourite instrument was the Hawaiian (lap slide) guitar. He started playing the guitar at locations at the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) – for example SLBC Lama Pitiya)- in the 1950s while still enrolled at school.

He was the music composer in Sinhala films such as 'Senakeliya', 'Sangawuna Menika', 'Loka Horu' and also co-directed the film music in 'Saudan Jema' and a few other films with P.L.A. Somapala. He has contributed his talent to many other film recordings of other music directors such as Muththusamy (he first started to write music scores for Muththusamy’s 'Prema Tharange' song 'Chandraya Paayala – Latha Walpola'), P.L.A Somapala, M.K. Rocksamy, T.K.Latiff, Galagedara M Haq, Mohommed Sally, Sarath Balasooriya, Many Indian music directors such as T.R. Papa and other compatriates, assisting them with his knowledge and ability to play many instruments. Rocksamy, Patrick and Latif were the three Tamil, Sinhala and Muslim icons and genius friends who regularly appeared and assisted in most of the film background music and song recordings for nearly thirty years.

He composed the first Sinhala group song 'Udarata Menike Manahara Kandurata Thilake' by C.D. Fonseka, Razeena Yakim, Angeline Goonethileke and Shelton Mendis as well as many other popular songs including 'Aatha Kandurali Simba Simba', 'Pulun Wage Sudu Raula Digai 1958', 'Vishnu Devinde' and 'Umayanganiyo Surralaliniyo' by Jothi, 'Nelum Male Pethi Kadala' by M.S. Fernando, Angeline Goonethilleke and Nimala Atapattu, 'Hithe Ekak Thiyan' by Angeline Goonetilleke, 'Iwuru Thala', 'Ma Nisa Oba', 'Sayuru Theredi', 'Rayak Upadda' and 'Ma Ha Eda' by Milton Mallawarachchi (as music composer) and 'Shreeni Vibushitha Lanka Babale' by Latha Walpola. Many of C.T. Fernando's songs such as 'Sihina Lowe', 'Hela Jathika Abhimane', 'Aane Dingak Innako', 'Maa Baala Kaale', 'Sandawata Rantharu', 'Mal Loke Rani' and 'Punsanda Hinahenne', among others, became hits under his unique music direction and arrangements.

Denipitiya was the music director for many individual artist shows such as 'Baig Geethika' by Mohideen Baig, C.T. Fernando's 'Wana Bamabru', 'Rukmani Handa' by Rukmani Devi and Helen Daniels, P.L.A. & Chithra Somapala’s 'Ranwan Gee' and 'Sundar Geeth' Hindi by Tudor Jayashantha. In addition to playing, he had also sung in some recordings of songs such as 'Sihina Lowe' with C.T. Fernando (original SLBC recording), 'Ganga Yamuna Hawuna' with Mallika Kahawita and 'Ho Mata Ethi Sampatha' with Christoper Paul.

He was the first to introduce the electric lap slide guitar to Sri Lankas Sinhala Music industry while also being a pioneer in introducing pop music to the Sri Lankan oriental music industry in the early 1960s . He worked in harmony with all orchestras of Sri Lanka including the Radio Ceylon Orchestra for many decades.

Patrick Denipitiya toured Europe with C.T. Fernando in 1969 (as the first Sri Lankan music director to travel to Europe on tour) and had a meeting with the internationally famous George Harrison of the Beatles, impressing him with his musical knowledge. He also toured Canada and the United States with H.R. Jothipala. Denipitiya has also visited cities such as: London, UK; Zürich, Switzerland and Paris, France with Chitra Somapala and P.L.A. Somapala and with M.S. Fernando to many other countries.

He formed his own band 'Patrick Denipitiya Combo in the 60s in addition to being the Band Leader for the original SIAC, the band had performed at Sweep Ticket Lottery shows, 'Maliban Guwan Totilla', the 'Elasto Show', the Kandy Lake Club, Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium shows, Akase Kade and Tropicana Club to name a few. He also performed on many Television programmes being the first musician to appear on BBC Sandeshaya Programme with CT. Later on with the advent of TV in Sri Lanka The Denipitiya Combo frequently appeared in TV shows like ITN's 'Madhu Rasangha', ITN's 'Ambhals Ghee dham Mala' (which was the first amateur song contest on Sri Lankan television), Rupavahini Anniversary and 'Musically Yours', although there are other television programmes on which the Combo has appeared. Patrick Denipitiya was a household name in Music throughout his career[citation needed] and was much loved by his many music loving fans in Sri Lanka and abroad. Many a great player performed in his Combo until the band came to its end in 1990.

Personal life[edit]

In 1961, Patrick married Celcie Fernando, with whom he had three children: Primus; Mahesh Denipitiya and Shyami. Shyami currently resides in Canada and is married to Greg Jayasundera who is an Applications Consultant at a leading bank in Canada and also has a great liking for music like his father-in-law and can play many instruments. Primus is employed as a senior airport services officer in a leading airline and is one of the pioneers of the one-man show industry in Sri Lanka in the early 1980s. Mahesh gave up his professional career in Computer Electronics Engineering to take up music following in his father's footsteps and has now become a well sought after music director in the Sri Lankan Music Industry at present. Representing the 3rd generation of Denipitiya musicians, Mahesh's son Eshan is a talented pianist.

Though he was involved in his music, Patrick also worked to support his family, being employed at the Census Department in the early Fifties, then at Lake House and subsequently to Lake House bookshop lately. He also took up teaching, teaching music theory, guitar (Hawaiian and Spanish), piano and keyboard to many students purely for his love for music and sharing knowledge and not for economic gain. He was fondly remembered by eminent people like Pandith Ameradeva, former SLBC chairman Late Mr Eamon Kariyakaravana for giving their children music lessons free of charge and also to many other students until his 1990 migration to Canada. He continued to teach, and was actively involved in music while living in Canada. He directed music for the first ever Sri Lankan teledrama in Canada "Ratakin ratakata"[citation needed] and also performed at events and functions,for concerts of Sri Lankan artists touring Canada.

Stroke and death[edit]

While in Sri Lanka attending his elder son's wedding in 1997, he suffered a stroke and was partially paralysed and was then taken back to Canada. Partick was lucky enough to have his wife Celcie who looked after him during the 16-year period between his stroke and his death.

He died on 23 March 2013 in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.



Segawunu Menika – Dudley Wanaguru 1967

  1. Etha Kandureli samba samba devatila – CD Fonseka, CT Fdo, Razeena Yakim, Shelton Mendis
  2. Pipila Hadha Wile – Duet- Latha and Dharmadasa Walpola
  3. Shobhana Rupaviye – Henry Perera, Anjalene Lannerole
  4. Ape Jeevana Dayade – Mohideen Baig/ George Leslie Ranasinghe
  5. Sudhu Piruwata Reddhe Kawurudho – M Baig
  6. Jeewithe pem rase – Sujatha Attanayake

Senakeliya – Herbert Ranjith Peiris- Wimaladasa Perera / Sam Perera 1974

  1. Rana Monaragen Monariya Illanne- Mignone Ratnam(Fernando)/. Karunaratne Abeysejkera
  2. Pipena Malaki Jeeveithe – Victor Ratnayaka-CD Fonseka-Noel Ranasinghe /Karunaratne Abeysekera
  3. Oba Hoda Nam – Milton Mallawarachchi- Sujatha Attanayake / Premakeerthi De Alwis
  4. Hiru Ne Sandhu Ne –Milton Mallawarchchi and Group / Premakeerthi
  5. Bol Pini Meda – Sujatha Attanayake / KDK Dharmawardane
  6. Samanala Renak Se – Milton Mallawarachchi- Indrani Perera / Karunaratne Abeysekera
  7. Reyak Upadda – Milton Mallawarachchi / Premakeerthi

Loka Horu – Tissa Abeysekera 1976

  1. Randolaa pevathi mudu Lo Thale, Ran maalaa – Milton M – Sujatha
  2. Andhuru Agaadhe – Milton Mallawarachchi
  3. Meda sere Weradeemek Vunado – Indrani Perera
  4. Yanna yanna dura gamanak – Nihal Nelson

Lassana Kella – 1978

  1. Song by H R Jothipala

Drama songs[edit]

  1. Ruwan Ambara Semara Sadhana– Rupa Indhumathie/ Jayatissa Hettiarachchi – Lyrics Lionel C De alwis- Originally for Wally’s Wesak Drama
  2. Samaye Utuhm Gune -TM Jayaratne – George Leslie Ranasinghe – For Wally’s Wesak Drama
  3. TeleDrama: Ratakin Ratakata Directed by Nimal and Malini Perera in Toronto Canada

Title Song Ratakin Ratakata – Sanath Nandasiri / Nimal Perera Sithuwili Dahasak Podhi Bandawagena – Vijith Vithane

As a singer[edit]

  1. Ganga Yamuna Hawuna – Patrick Denipitiya and Mallika Kahawita / Lyrics Cyrill A Seelawimala /Music Patrick
  2. Sihina Lowe Mihira Mewu Malee – (Singing along with CT Fernando) Music Director Patrick Denipitiya
  3. Ho Mata ethi Sampatha – Patrick and Christopher Paul

Music composer / director / arranger for original songs[edit]

Milton Mallawarachichi

  1. Ivuru Tala – KDK Dharmawardena
  2. Sayuru Theredhi – KDK Dharmawa Abeysekera
  3. Ma Ha Eda – Karunaratne Abeysekara
  4. Upul Kopul –KDK Dharmawardane
  5. Ma nisa Oba – Premakeerthi De Alwis
  6. Obe upan dine Adai – KDK Dharmawardane
  7. Ran masu naa kiya – KDK Dharmawardane
  8. Etha ran kelum atharen – KDK Dharmawardane

H R Jothipala

  1. Vishnu Devindhe – Lyrics by Cyril A Seelawimala
  2. Umayanganiyo Suralaliniyo – Lyrics by KDK Dharmawadane
  3. Epa Kiyala – Premakeerthi De Alwis
  4. Dutuwaado Hithawathuni Manali Ma – KDK Dharmawadane
  5. Ran Ethana Mage Mal Ethana – George Leslie Ranasinghe
  6. Sura Wimenaka hada bandagena gena Adare– George Leslie Ranasinghe

Latha Walpola

  1. Shreeni Vibushitha Lanka Bebale – Lyrics Hemashri De Alwis
  2. Pipila hadha Vile duet with Dharmadasa from “Segavunu Menike” Movie
  3. Madhu Rasa Madhu Rasa Geetha Gala ea – Kokila Ranasinghe
  4. Esata Esa Getuna – George Leslie Ranasinghe
  5. Aradhana Gena Avado – George Leslie Ranasinghe
  6. Ase mihiri geetha asei – Kokila Ranasinghe

C T Fernando

  1. Sihina Lowe mihira mewu -sung with Patrick Denipitiya / Lalith S Maithripala
  2. Etha Kandhu reli simba simba – with CD Fonseka and Kingsley Perera / George Leslie Ranasinghe

Anjalene Goonathileke (née Laneroll)

  1. Hithe Ekak Tiyan – Ekak Kiyannepa
  2. Igilennata Behe ne- Thata evidin Nehene
  3. Hula Hup Walalle
  4. Ridhee pahanakata Tel Purawala
  5. Iak tik tuk taka tata
  6. Hery yanne ane ai me
  7. Tharunek dutuwama eka elle
  8. Mangalle mangalle lak maani gela maale – Hemashree De Alwis
  9. Shobana Rupaviye duet with Henry Perera

Camillus Anton Peiris

  1. Ape Game Iskole Hamine –Devata dige iskoleta yanawane
  2. Ane Chuuti Babo Sinaha wenna Sudho
  3. Oh Meniko

Rupa Indhumathee

  1. Ruwan Ambara – with Jayatisa Hettiarachchi – Lyrics Lionel C De alwis
  2. Kurullane Peni Kurullane – Mahesh Denipitiya / Lyrics George Leslie Ranasinghe
  3. Sadhayedi Re Hamuwuye – Lyrics George Leslie Ranasinghe
  4. Dinaka Muna Gasila with Jothipala – Lyrics Karunaratne Abeysekera

Sydney Attygalle

  1. Gang Ivuru Panduru Gane – duet with Rukmani Devi – Lyrics Upali Attanayake
  2. Komala inga Sunga Nalawala – duet with Rukmani Devi – Upali Attanayake
  3. Welawai Welawai gayana welawai – Karunaratne Abeysekera
  4. Meya Sahathikai – Karunaratne Abeysekera

Sujatha Attanayake

  1. Bol Pini Meda – “Senakeliya” Movie – KDK Dharmawardane
  2. Ran Dola – Loka Horu” Movie Duet with Milton Mallawarachchi
  3. Hande Giman Niva ganna – Karunaratne Abeysekara
  4. Sihina pradeepayaka Sisaaraa – KDK Dharmawardene
  5. Jeewithe Pem rase – "Sangawunu Menika" movie
  6. Avuruddata daruwantath Thegi Aran Denewa – George Leslie Ranasinghe
  7. Obe miyulassi Etha iddidden – George Leslie Ranasinghe

M S Fernando

  1. Nelum male pethi kadala oruwa sadhla – with Nimala Atapattu also with Anjalene Lyrics Karunaratne Abeysekera
  2. Sagaraye Sadhak Nagee Dilevi – with Nimala Atapattu also with Anjalene Lyrics Karunaratne Abeysekera
  3. Malak kada Konde Gasala – with Pushparani
  4. Ruparajini – with Pushparani
  5. Jeewe Yan Manis – Alhaj Farook Duuraya
  6. Salena Sithin – Karunarathne Abeysekara

C D Fonseka

  1. Etha Kandureli simba simba devatila – CD Fonseka, C T Fdo and Kingsley Perera for movie “Segavunu Menika” / George Leslie Ranasinghe
  2. Ruhunu Kumari – C D Fonseka. Razeena Yakeem, Anjalelene Laneroll, Shelton Mendis, Kingsley Perera
  3. Udarta Menike Manahara Kandurata Thileke-, CD Fonseka. Razeena Yakeem, Anjalelene Lannerol, Shelton Mendis
  4. Kandukare kiri elle – Lyrics Bertram Denipitiya
  5. Menikege Konde – Lyrics Madhavi Ranasinghe
  6. Kageda Bahakata Mulawela- Oba ma wevu ketha paalu kala –Duet with Mallika kahawita/ George Leslie Ranasinghe
  7. Aagam Kula mala
  8. Nisala Hadawatha
  9. Asawe inna behe – CD Fonseka, Razeena Yakeem, Shelton Mendis only / Karunaratne Abeysekera
  10. Biwwa Neda Wadakaha Sudiya – CD Fonseka with Bertram Denipitiya / Bertram Denipitiya

Maurice Dahanayake

  1. Reyak Mululle – Lyrics Nihal Jayasekera
  2. Wasantha Geetha Kokilavi – Lyrics Lalith S Maitripala
  3. Gahai Kolai welai – Lyrics Nihal Jayasekera
  4. Sisil Sulang welle – Lyrics Cyril A Seelawimala
  5. Sudo poddak Adanna – Cyril A Seelawimala
  6. Sundaree – Cyril A Seelawimala
  7. Betaluwai Sinhayai – Cyril A Seelawimala
  8. Irida dawasa – Cyril A Seelawimala
  9. Gee kiyuwa Ethi Den (With Freddy Silva) – Cyril A Seelawimala
  10. Mama Lassana Kurullek wennam – Cyril A Seelawimala

Bertram Denipitiya (Brother of Patrick)

  1. Dekumen Belmata maga pada – Duet- with Irene De Alwis/ née Silva Lyrics Cyril A Seelawimala
  2. Pem Lowa Mangala Wasana – Duet -with Mallika Kahawita / Lyrics Cyril A Seelawimala
  3. Sihiwa Oba Mata Susum Sala – Thaniva Innam Susum Sala – Solo
  4. Adha Padam Keruwada Nangiye – Duet with Anjalene Lanerolle

Irene De Alwis

  1. Adare Ran Kurulla – Hemashree De Alwis
  2. Mallika (Niwase Thibu Alokaya Adure Giluna) – Wimaladasa Perera
  3. Adareta nedda loke Adare Ane with Maurice Dahanayake – Cyril A Seelawimala
  4. Rupe Oya Nam Geethe Mamai – HemaShree De Alwis
  5. Galak Novee Malak wage Genu Sitha Ape – Cyril A Seelawimala

Victor Ratnayake

  1. Tharakawo mileena Re Yame – George Leslie Ranasinghe
  2. Salena Salena – George Leslie Ranasinghe

T. M. Jayaratne

  1. Samaye Uthum (Peace song ) – TM Jayaratne / George Leslie Ranasinghe
  2. Kinduru heena maveda vimanaye maage – Kokila Ranasinghe
  3. Akase Sulang Wala – George Leslie Ranasinghe

Neela Wickramasinghe

  1. Sanda Pahane – Mal Yahane – George Leslie Ranasinghe
  2. Obe senehe Chethana – Kokila Ranasinghe

Christopher Paul

  1. Nilmini Neth yuga kumatadha Rankandha
  2. Obata kiyannata Rasa rahasak etha Landune
  3. Ahasa Polowa Meda Suwisal Lokeka – Karunaratne Abeysekera

Latha Walpola and Berty Fernando (All Lyrics George Leslie Ranasinghe)

  1. Sathtu Sina – Duet
  2. Kohenda me Kurulla- Duet
  3. Sihasuna se, Piyaneni – Duet

Freddie Silva

  1. Tikiri kirilliyo samaga igillena Pangiri wayasa mage awa – Karunarathe Abeysekera
  2. Upan Dine mage Laga Hinda – Cyril a Seelawimala
  3. Chee Chee Mage Kendare
  4. Kassi mewwe Kauda Deviyane
  5. Mata Nam Hariyata Marenna Bayen – Cyril A Seelawimala

Maxie Leonard

  1. Tosei Masala Wadai – Lyrics Sarath Munasinghe
  2. Hariyakkara Baila – Sarath Munasinghe
  3. Aadara Mage Sudhu Amma – Sarath Munasinghe
  4. My Nuwara Lamissi – Sarath Munasinghe

Marshal Wombock

  1. Race Suduwa – Lyrics Wally bastian
  2. Bus Kondostara – Wally bastian
  3. Daghakara Koluwa – Lyrics K Srt Ariyasinghe
  4. My Loving Marie – Lyrics Marshal wombock

Victor Silva

  1. Suneetha – Lyrics Anton Weerasinghe
  2. Bale Bale – Lyrics Nihal Silva
  3. Suran Menika – Lyrics Erick Gunaratne
  4. Paasal Kaalaya – Nihal Silva
  5. Lanka – Anton Weerasinghe
  6. Pavement Mudhalali – Anton Weerasinghe
  7. Mavaa Phem – Nihal Silva
  8. Langama( CTB) – Nihal Silva

J Brothers (Perinus and Jerinus Jayasekera)

  1. Karata Kare Regena yami para dige -Malu Welendha,
  2. Nelevenna Puthe onchille
  3. Pembara Amma
  4. Delve Handawath

Kanthi Wakwella and Group

  1. Sihi Sulang Rella Negee ( Ruwan Kumari)
  2. Aadaraya Kothanada

Wiyaya Kumaranatunge and Nimala Atapattu

  1. Obe pinata Payana sandha
  2. Sudage mihiri Katha moda katha

Christmas Songs

  1. Pulung wage sudu raula digai – Group Song
  2. Sisil sulang paawee – Group Song
  3. Jesunee
  4. Ipadunu Same jesu Bilindha – Anjalene lanerolle

Other songs[edit]

  • Heta gena Sithamina – K Juliet Fernando / Cyril A Seelawimala
  • Me Geethaya Pera Nogeyu – Lakshman Rodrigo / Lyrics Karunaratne Abeysekera
  • Daruwan Hadala – Vincent De Paul Peiris/ Lyrics George Leslie Ranasinghe
  • Ma Davasakdha yana vita dee – Vincent De Paul Peiris/ Lyrics George Leslie Ranasinghe
  • Dethanaka Unnada Apa Dedena – Shyama Atigala / KDK Dharmaardane
  • Senkadagala Perahera – Shyama Atigala/ Shirani and Sarath Munasinghe / KDK Dharmaardane
  • Rangan Thaleta Paada Tabanne – Edna Sugathapala
  • Neela Neth piya salala Pewa Adare – Edna Sugathapala
  • Gigiri Salena Omari Sinawai – Walter Fernando / Karunaratne Abeysekera
  • Lassana mal Pethi – Walter Fernando / Karunaratne Abeysekera
  • Igillennata Ahase Widuli Renu se – sung By Mallika Kahawita/ Lyrics Bandara K Wijetunga
  • Galana diyamba – Ivor Nihal and Malini Bulathsinghala
  • Kawuda Gehenu Chapalai Kiyapu Modaya – Wijeratne Warakagoda / Cyril A Seelawimala
  • Payala Sandha – Berty Fernando
  • Saman mala obe – Nimala Atapattu
  • Pipena Malaka – A J Kareem / Dharmasiri Gamage
  • Ko Ada Menika Koheda – Susil Premaratne SLBC / Dharma Sri Kaldera
  • Sinhala jana sangeetha ehuna – Susil Premaratne SLBC / George Leslie Ranasinghe
  • Welcome song for First Astronout Uri Gagarin (" Athigaru Uri gagarin oba piligamu sadhadarin "- Group Song)/ wimaladasa Perera
  • Punchi Puthe – Grain Leonardos (Malini Bulathsinghala / Morgan) / K Piyadasa Malwatta
  • Anura Pura – Grain Leonardos (Malini Bulathsinghala / Morgan) / K Piyadasa Malwatta

Music direction / arrangement / original intro and interlude composer[edit]

C.T. Fernando

  1. Hela Jathikha Abimene – Karunaaratne Abeysekera
  2. Piyumehi pani Bothi – Karunaaratne Abeysekera
  3. Ma bala Kale – Malimi Wijesinghe
  4. Sandawata Ran Tharu – Karunaaratne Abeysekera
  5. Awadi Wanna Awadi Wanana – Karunaaratne Abeysekera
  6. Punsadha Hinehenne Duet with Rukmani – Wimaladasa Perera
  7. Mage Sudu Mame
  8. Ane Dingak innako
  9. Jeevana Mihira
  10. Saman Kekulu
  11. Berena Peni bidhu
  12. Gatha sitha sama karala
  13. Kele mala nowe
  14. Atha Weeryen
  15. Amathannata Heki Basak
  16. Lassana Muhudha
  17. Ranwan ran Kendi Peerala
  18. ## Many more hits of CT

C D Fonseka

  1. Eh Malin piree vasanthe – Karunaratne Abeysekera
  2. Epa epa – Sarath munasinghe
  3. Molaketi bilindheku Supem Vadhan Mumuna – Fr Linus Mendis
  4. Supem Vadhan Mumuna – Colin Aluthge
  5. Punchi Reheiyo – CD Fonseka (Melody and sung) / Ajantha Ranasinghe
  6. Rahase Keewa – CD Fonseka (Melody and sung) / George Leslie ranasinghe
  7. Oyata Rathne – CD Fonseka / George Leslie Ranasinghe
  8. Kalu Ethana – CD Fonseka / George Leslie Ranasinghe

Milton Mallawarachchi

  1. Ran Ethano – KDK Dharmawardane
  2. Taraha Wanu Epa- KDK Dharmawardane
  3. Oba ma Peluda – Premakeerthi De Alwis
  4. Oba Wenuwen Ma


  1. Nelawena Mau Ukule (Mage Amma )
  2. Natum Guruwaree
  3. Sanda Eliye
  4. Peddhee mei Oruwe

Christopher Paul

  1. Ha mal Pipenne
  2. Eladola ganga
  3. Rosa malak
  4. Watura nala
  5. Me katuroda gammane
  6. Bello
  • Premi mehe Balannako – MS Fernando and Nimala Atapattu
  • Sanda Panai oya Muhunai – MS Fernando and Nimala Atapattu

Susil premaratne and Mallika Kahavita

  1. Nanwamu Siri Lanka / George Leslie Ranasinghe
  2. Rosa mal Sina sandhata ek Vuna / George Leslie Ranasinghe
  3. Chandani oba Avadha Paya / George Leslie Ranasinghe
  4. Nil Sela aran Serasee Udaye- Poyata Mang enava / George Leslie Ranasinghe
  5. Mal Renu wetila / George Leslie Ranasinghe
        1. A long list of Songs of Susil Premaratne

Hymns (by Fr. Mercelyn Jayakody)

  1. Kandhu Bima
  2. Putha Nidiyaganin
  3. Kele Mal Weni
  4. Karamin Vismitha
  5. Rosa Kusum
  6. Sulangata Suwadak
  7. Mangalle
  8. Fathima
  • Thath Thath Thara Patiya – Henry Caldera
  • Eeeye Udaye oba poruwa matha dutuwa -Henry Caldera

Music direction / arrangement / music for cover versions[edit]

H R Jothipala

  1. Aadara Madhura Atheete – Lalith S Maitripala
  2. Adaraye Sandha – Karunaratne Abeysekera
  3. Adara Hadha Mal Pipuna – with Irene Silva / Hemashree De Alwis
  4. Koheda Yanne Ran – with Irene Silva / Hemashree De Alwis
  5. Suwedi Hama Eivi Mosam Sulang – with Irene Silva / Hemashree De Alwis
  6. Obe Pem Wadan nehe – Sisira Senaratne
  7. Mahada Nemethi Wana Bambara – Bandara K Wijethunga
  8. Ran Thilakha – Karunaratne Abeysekera
  9. Epa Enna Kiyala – Harmasiri Gamage

Sydney Attygalle- NEW COLLECTION

  1. Pele wasana Ran Mali
  2. Sri maha bhodi Raja
  3. Nangila Mallila
  4. Punchi Kale
  • "Onna Olu Malak" Album – Morris Dahanayake New Remakes
  • "Ela Dola Ganga" Album – Christopher Paul Remakes
  • Eeye Udaye oba Poruwa matha Sitiya – Henry Caldera (New Remake)


  • Limbo dance – Senakeliya
  • Baila Instrumentals – SLBC

These are only some of the many hundreds of songs Patrick has composed, directed and arranged.

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