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Patrick Deville
Patrick Deville 001.jpg
Born (1957-12-14) 14 December 1957 (age 63)
Saint-Brevin-les-Pins, Loire-Atlantique
Alma materUniversity of Nantes

Patrick Deville (born 14 December 1957 in Saint-Brevin-les-Pins) is a French writer.


After studying comparative literature and philosophy at the University of Nantes, Patrick Deville lived in the Middle East, in Nigeria, and in Algeria. In the 1990s, he travelled frequently to Cuba and Uruguay.

In 1996, he created the literary review Meet.

In 2011, the editors of Lire magazine selected Kampuchea as the best French novel of the year.

In 2012, his novel Plague and Cholera (based on the life of the bacteriologist Alexandre Yersin) was one of the most discussed books of the literary season. It was a finalist for several French prizes, and received both the Fnac Prize and the Prix Femina.[1][2]

His books have been translated into a dozen languages.


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