Pat Dubar

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Pat Dubar
Birth name Patrick R. Dubar
Also known as Adawee, The Wind
Origin United States
Genres Punk rock
Associated acts Unity
Uniform Choice
Mind Funk
Corporate Avenger

Patrick R. "Adawee" Dubar is an American singer,[1] primarily with hardcore bands such as Unity and Uniform Choice; initially in the straight edge subgenre. Together with Pat Longrie (Uniform Choice) they ran the hardcore label Wishingwell Records.

He later went on to bands like Mind Funk, Corporate Avenger and Sitting Bull.

Dubar is a graduate of Pepperdine University.


with Unity[edit]

with Uniform Choice[edit]

  • Uniform Choice (1984)
    • reissued in 1990
  • Screaming for Change (1986)
  • Region of Ice (1988)
  • Staring into the Sun (1988)

with Mind Funk[edit]

with Corporate Avenger[edit]


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