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Patrick F. McDonough (born in Connemara, Ireland, died June 20, 2001 in Plymouth, New Hampshire[1]) was an American police officer, attorney, and politician who served as a member of the Boston City Council from 1956 to 1964, 1966 to 1970, and 1972 to 1982. He was the Council President in 1958, 1961, 1973, and 1981. After leaving the city council, McDonough served as assistant city clerk from 1983[2] to 1990[3] and city clerk from 1990[3] to 1995.

McDonough was an unsuccessful candidate for Massachusetts Treasurer and Receiver-General in 1960,[4] Mayor of Boston in 1963, and United States Representative from Massachusetts's 11th congressional district in 1978.

McDonough was the brother of Boston School Committee member John J. McDonough.


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